Your Style Magazine #104 - July 2021

Hi there lovely readers

What is a newsletter? "a newsletter contains current events of one specific subject"

What is a magazine?  "a magazine is like a river with several streams to explore, so readers can click from one topic to another"

I hope you agree that Your Style deserves it's new title even though it's not a clever flipbook magazine with paid subscription! That will never happen, the format remains just as easy to access, with the addition of a slideshow to see what you might be interested in!  

Here's hoping that the second half of the year is kinder to the world than the first! 

A palette of Summer roses

My palette of Summer Roses proves that rarely is a color out of bounds whatever your color direction. 

I've always considered ROSE PINK to be a cool color and yet, the more I break color into palettes the more I realize that nature has it's own agenda!

Whatever your color direction you can enjoy ROSE PINK. 

Your Style #104 July 2021 #coloranalysis #bodyshape #fashionstyle

Style the Classic Capsule with me

My daughter mentioned that when she has to return to the office she'd forgotten how to dress!

I too realized that, after seeing hardly anyone for the past year, I had stopped bothering about how I looked. So last month I introduced the Classic/Capsule wardrobe plan which is perfect, not only for the office, but for us retired women too.

Styling this plan from my existing closet has got me back on track and worked wonders for my self esteem. See how I styled... read more 

Find all Capsule plans HERE..

Your Style #104 July 2021 #coloranalysis #bodyshape #fashionstyle

Choosing Makeup Colors

Even if you're reasonably familiar with wearing cosmetics, choosing makeup colors can be a minefield!

You have to cope with different brands, price points and a multitude of products that promise the world before you even begin to think about color!

Let me explain...

Your Style #104 July 2021 #coloranalysis #bodyshape #fashionstyle

Flatter a large bust

Heavy or large bust? Do you want to camouflage or flaunt it? 

The very feminine attribute of breasts cause oh so many worries - too big or too small? One woman's assets are another woman's problem.

Although support and comfort are the major problems, it can also be difficult to dress attractively without appearing to be overtly sexy.

Your Style #104 July 2021 #coloranalysis #bodyshape #fashionstyle

How to wear Winter colors in Summer

Whether you're barbecuing in Brighton or baking in the Tropics, the dramatic tones of the Winter palette are perfect for your warm weather wardrobe. A bit of sunshine shows us all off to advantage and these bright contrasts provide lots of mix and and match opportunities for your Summer essentials.

Your Style #104 July 2021 #coloranalysis #bodyshape #fashionstyle

Mia Tui - 20% off site wide

I've shown you the oh-so-useful Mia Tui travel bags but Mia Tui produce a 'bag for every reason'.

In addition they now offer a wide range of scarves, jewelry, fragrances and home and garden ware. All delivered worldwide. 

It's the perfect one stop GIFT SHOP with 20% OFF site wide this weekend only using code 9I65-CNU0-EN8S 

Your Style #104 July 2021 #coloranalysis #bodyshape #fashionstyle

Wide leg pants

I love wide leg pants at any time of the year but they are a MUST for me in the Summer! 

Whether you're at home, at work or on vacation, a pair of loose pants do a great cover-up job - and they're bang on trend. They're extremely flattering and oh so comfortable!

Perhaps you want to cover up a little but still enjoy the sunshine, then this is the way to cool elegance. More than that, they can cover up a multitude of sins!

Your Style #104 July 2021 #coloranalysis #bodyshape #fashionstyle

DIY face scrubs

Does your skin deserve a treat?

Forget unhealthy chemicals and preservatives, what could be better than a delicious recipe with BANANAS, CUCUMBER or STRAWBERRIES.

Try your own DIY face and body scrubs with 100% edible and organic ingredients straight from your fridge!

Your Style #104 July 2021 #coloranalysis #bodyshape #fashionstyle

Recipe - Wholemeal Soda Bread

I'm not pretending that I'm a domestic goddess and make all my bread but this is a special little recipe that, just once in a while, really impresses visitors.

Soda bread is a BIG cheat, it takes just 10 minutes to prepare and works like a dream. Fabulous to serve with soup, cheese or a picnic centrepiece.

Your Style #104 July 2021 #coloranalysis #bodyshape #fashionstyle

Your Color Analysis  - Muted

There are quite a few women who think they fit into the Muted/Soft palette but there are very few that really do. The primary characteristic of the Muted Color Family is a greyed down softness and undertone is very much a secondary consideration. Because of this, natural coloring will characteristics of both Warm and Cool and can be very confusing. 

The color palette to support this quite unusual coloring is richly blended to incorporate the softness and the different undertones into one harmonious mix allowing the elegant and classic natural coloring to shine! 

It can be misinterpreted as Soft Autumn or Soft Summer but this will not provide a comprehensive color palette. See what Elise has to say in Before and After CA

Your Style #104 July 2021 #coloranalysis #bodyshape #fashionstyle
Your Style #104 July 2021 #coloranalysis #bodyshape #fashionstyle

love to you all

Pamela x

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