Your Style 083 - October 2019

Hi there!

I'm back from an all too short but wonderful emotionally charged trip to Las Vegas for Vicki's wedding - and so proud to show you my beautiful girl.

I will write about our fabulous family time later this week but want to get this newsletter out on time.

The only negative was that Maurice, my husband, tripped and fell breaking his collar bone on the very first morning. But with expert medical care he gave away our bride refusing to wear a sling - although he's suffering for it now! 

Ironically, in trying to protect his camera he fell much heavier than was necessary, but was then out of action for the wedding shots he dearly wanted!

Thank you so much for your patience if you were one of the ladies waiting to hear back from me or if you had submitted a Color Analysis questionnaire. Pleased to say that I'm now up to date on correspondence and outstanding Color Analysis submissions will be completed as soon as possible.

How to wear Autumn colors

Ok you’re a Autumn – but how do you actually begin to wear Autumn colors?

First of all don't worry about whether you're WARM AUTUMN, SOFT AUTUMN or DEEP AUTUMN that just causes frustration and dilutes your palette. If you're a TRUE AUTUMN you need all these variations to do you justice.

Time for a bit of clarification and a step by step guide!

2 New Fall/Autumn Capsules

The Fall Essentials Casual (left below) features a fun mix of the latest trends together with your favorite classics. Leopard, plaid, snake print, and floral… it’s all about patterns and prints this season; discover realistic ways to incorporate these trends into your daily outfits and create 33 outfits you're going to love.  read more...

The Work Wear/Classic Capsule (right below) shows you how to build a beautiful wardrobe of stylish fall essentials - 24 days of mix and match outfits.  read more...

Shop your closet initially then follow the links to shop recommended stores or online.

Wrapped up for Fall/Autumn

The cold mornings creeping up on you? Get wrapped up for Autumn with a simple and stylish coverup cape.

You don't need to change your daily 'uniform' dramatically when the season begins to change you just need a coverup with flexibility!

10 steps to Look Polished!

A new season always brings a change of pace and getting back to normality after a long hot Summer takes effort.

So how to look polished and well groomed once you leave your summer sandals and casual wear behind? With as little effort as possible of course!

Posts you may have missed...

Your Color Analysis...  - for however you want to feel!

Continuing the Autumn theme...

Probably one of the questions I'm asked most is how transitioning into grey hair affects the colors you wear. Autumn coloring appears to raise the most doubts about whether you can continue to wear the colors you've always enjoyed; they might suddenly feel too intense!

The Autumn palette is perfect for Linda (below) whatever the color of her hair.

Linda has another factor to take into account as she has recently moved to sub-tropical Florida. Is this the climate to wear Autumn colors? By using the lighter neutrals in the palette she can enjoy the stronger shades as accent colors to her best advantage - see how to wear Autumn colors in Summer.

See more before and after Color Analysis testionials.

Be back soon

Pamela x

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