Your Style #102 - May 2021

Hi there!

Happy thoughts of childhood May Days parading through the village and singing in the sunshine! Was the sun always out when I was a child? Probably not but cherished memories.   

Haha, actually it's still absolutely freezing here, bleak sunshine but really who cares life is slowly returning to some kind of normality. I've actually been out to lunch a couple of times recently, in the open air of course and that's changing soon!

My brother is travelling home this week. He's been in the US for 20 months; was grounded just when he was ready to return last Spring. I'm sure many of you will be looking forward to the same emotional reunions. Be happy! 

Your Style #102 May 2021 #yourstyle #colorandstyle #coloranalysis

How to wear Spring Colors

Ok so you’re a Spring – but how do you actually begin to translate these fabulous colors into your wardrobe?

What does Spring mean, beyond a terrifyingly bright palette and, at first glance, very few neutrals? How do you begin dressing in your colors and looking fabulous?

As many of us know, this is when panic sets in...

Your Style #102 May 2021 #yourstyle #colorandstyle #coloranalysis

How to look polished

Most of us have cut corners while we've been at home and normal routines have been abandoned as we've tried to take care of ourselves through the entire trauma!

After all who cares whether you've shaved your legs when you're on Zoom! It's time to get back in the game. 

Your Style #102 May 2021 #yourstyle #colorandstyle #coloranalysis

A busty apple shape

A busty apple shape can provide some headaches when you're trying to get clothes to fit!

So we have a guest post from Style Blogger Julia who has learned how to dress and flatter her midlife body - (36HH anyone?).

Your Style #102 May 2021 #yourstyle #colorandstyle #coloranalysis

Skin problems, the Menopause and beyond!

Your skin, menopause and beyond, needs and deserves special care. 

We all want to look young and healthy for as long as possible but hormonal upsets can cause changes in the skin even after menopause. 

So please think ahead because self care is so important as we approach this crucial time of our lives.     

Your Style #102 May 2021 #yourstyle #colorandstyle #coloranalysis

Wear a Spring scarf...

A delightful video from newsreader and style icon Domique Sachse. So many stylish and classic ideas to ring the changes with your Spring scarf, you'll be spoilt for choice. 

Your Style #102 May 2021 #yourstyle #colorandstyle #coloranalysis

What is a Soft Summer?

Have you been determined a Soft Summer? Do you understand your color direction?

Summer is always SOFT (Muted), always LIGHT and always COOL. But for some reason it often gets mixed up with Soft Autumn - but that's impossible because Autumn is Warm!

There could be another explanation...

Your Style #102 May 2021 #yourstyle #colorandstyle #coloranalysis

Other features you may have missed

Your Style #102 May 2021 #yourstyle #colorandstyle #coloranalysis
Your Style #102 May 2021 #yourstyle #colorandstyle #coloranalysis

Share your Style 

There's a new entry in Share your Style from Jo. I'd love to see more of your photos...

Your Style #102 May 2021 #yourstyle #colorandstyle #coloranalysis

Your Color Analysis  - transitioning into grey

Many of you have allowed your hair to transition into it's natural color during lockdown and this frequently raises a concern as to whether it will change the way you look and feel wearing color.

If you're happy with your color palette already there is really no reason to suppose that you cannot continue to enjoy the same - sometimes there may be a small adjustment but nothing dramatic. 

Perhaps a new hair color means it's the right time to find your color direction. Whichever? I can show you the colors that bring you to life! 

Today I'm showing you two ladies who have embraced their grey/white hair both with warm coloring. Mary with amazingly bright eyes fits so easily into the vivid palette of Spring. Karla with a more gentle coloring fits happily into the more mellow colors of the purely Warm Color Family. See what they both have to say in Before and After Color Analysis. 

Your Style #102 May 2021 #yourstyle #colorandstyle #coloranalysis
Your Style #102 May 2021 #yourstyle #colorandstyle #coloranalysis

love to you all

Pamela x

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