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Hi there!

Welcome to Your Style #100 - thanks to you my friends I made it!  

To celebrate I'm offering one lucky reader a personal Color Analysis absolutely FREE. Enter the giveaway contest below and a name will be picked at random. All I ask is that you allow me to share some of the images I create in next month's issue. 

In the UK we're beginning the slow road out of lockdown and the sun is shining. We've both had our first vaccine and, to be honest, it feels as though the world is waking up!

It's my birthday month too so, apart from being a year older, life is hopefully on the up!

Your Style newsletter #100 #coloranalysis #colorshapeandstyle

Giveaway!  Personal Color Analysis worth £65 !

Always wanted a Color Analysis but never quite had the courage or the means to go for it?  Then this is for YOU!

Celebrate my #100 edition and enter the competition to win personal Color Analysis (worth £65) wherever you are in the world. If you already know your colors why not gift it to someone special! Why not return and enter it again another day! read more...

Grab the perfect Vaccine top - $59.95 down to $9.95

I love that lady Dolly P, and this week she's been wearing an open sleeve top just perfect for having the vaccine!

This is so like one of my favorites, the Peek-a-Boo top from Covered Perfectly. This week it's at the ridiculous price of only $9.95 - no you didn't misread that! It's down from $59.95 to $9.95 while Kimberley, the new owner is clearing some stock, so grab a bargain ladies! 

Your Style newsletter #100 #coloranalysis #colorshapeandstyle

Body Type Quiz

The BODY TYPE QUIZ enables you to easily identify your generic body type.

There are just 5 main BODY TYPES based on your bone structure.

Discover your's and be all set to dress and flatter your figure.

Your Style newsletter #100 #coloranalysis #colorshapeandstyle

Rectangle shape

Finding it difficult to fit your rectangular body shape?

It's SHAPE not SIZE that dictates your body frame so all you have to do is choose the most complementary styles to flatter your figure.

Your Style newsletter #100 #coloranalysis #colorshapeandstyle

Color Analysis Cool

Looking your best starts with understanding your natural coloring and echoing it with the the colors you wear. Translate it further still into the colors you use for your hair and makeup.

If you are Color Analysis COOL, you will always look your best when you're wearing rose or blue toned shades that echo your Cool blue undertone.

Your Style newsletter #100 #coloranalysis #colorshapeandstyle

Best Hair Color for YOU!

What's the best hair color for YOU?  Consider that your hair, skin and eyes are all naturally designed to go together. 

So whether you want to add highlights, lowlights or a complete change of color, just follow a few guidelines to get the best result.

Your Style newsletter #100 #coloranalysis #colorshapeandstyle

Recipe for March - Quiche with lentil oat crust

I love a good quiche but I rarely choose to eat pastry. So this recipe with a deliciously different crust using oats and lentils is my go-to favorite - and it freezes amazingly well! 

To fill a quiche you need a mix of eggs and milk/cream but the add-ins can be anything from a classic ham and cheese through to vegetarian. You might like to try my favorite bacon and leek! 

Your Style newsletter #100 #coloranalysis #colorshapeandstyle

Other features you may have missed

Your Style newsletter #100 #coloranalysis #colorshapeandstyle
Your Style newsletter #100 #coloranalysis #colorshapeandstyle

Your Color Analysis

I'm looking at the Summer season today with recent Color Analysis clients Andrea and Janice!

It's often thought that you have to be blonde to be a Summer but you can't generalize about hair because it's the whole coloring, eyes hair and skin tone which decide your color direction. SUMMER is a complex color family and is made up of 3 color characteristics COOL, LIGHT and SOFT. 

As children both Andrea and Janice had cool blonde/fair hair naturally deepening to dark blonde and light brown as they matured. Now Andrea has some grey creeping in and Janice has some blonde highlights, and both have a fair pink toned skin. Both their hair and eyes are Light and Cool. Andrea has blue-grey eyes (cool) and Janice has green eyes (cool) and both have the obvious grey rim around the iris that recognizes that Cool element.

As you will see both ladies, overall, have very gentle coloring which gives them a low contrast.  This is soft and completes the three color characteristics that make up the SUMMER color family COOL, LIGHT and SOFT.

Check out HERE what these and other ladies have to say following their analysis.

Your Style newsletter #100 #coloranalysis #colorshapeandstyle

Thank you so much for sticking with me!

Do hope you continue to enjoy our monthly catch-ups

Pamela x

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