Your Style 095 - September 2020

Color Shape and Style from Style Yourself Confident #coloranalysis #bodyshape #styleconfidence

Hi there!

I always think of September as a time of new beginnings, in fact, it's often called 'the new January!'

The 'back to school' feeling, a change in the weather, and Christmas cards already on display! Years ago (when I was an organized Mum) I would defrost the freezer and make the Christmas puddings!

After a very brief Summer, a tinge of sadness with no vacation whatsoever (we decided to count our blessings and stay put), I feel privileged that my loved ones are all safe and well.

Already I'm reaching for long sleeves and cardigans, so time to try on and see what, if any, gaps need to be filled. 

Color Shape and Style from Style Yourself Confident #coloranalysis #bodyshape #styleconfidence

Autumn/Fall 2020 Capsule

After such a crazy year a Capsule Wardrobe plan of stylish and versatile Fall clothes is the perfect way to get you motivated.

Shop your closet first and identify the gaps ready to follow a brilliant 31 days of casual outfit ideas.

'Dress it up' or 'dress it down' tips to adjust each outfit for every occasion. Also includes 2019 Capsule plan for even more outfits.

Color Shape and Style from Style Yourself Confident #coloranalysis #bodyshape #styleconfidence

Click image to

Find all Capsule Plans here...

Give yourself the gift of a Closet Cleanout!

Whether you're considering a Capsule Plan or not, you don't know what you need for the new season until you know what you've got already. 

In other words, if you can't see it you can't wear it!

It really is a gift to yourself to have a sort out and it's easy with my 1 - 2 - 3 easy steps to getting organized. 

Color Shape and Style from Style Yourself Confident #coloranalysis #bodyshape #styleconfidence

Universal Colors

Weddings are back on the radar! Social occasions WILL be happening!

After a difficult year it's time to look around for your special dress and there's some great bargains to be had. 

If you find choosing colors difficult, take a look at the 6 Universal Colors. They provide the perfect choice for everyone.

Color Shape and Style from Style Yourself Confident #coloranalysis #bodyshape #styleconfidence

Covered Perfectly closing down SALE!

Sadly, Covered Perfectly is one of the many casualities of the virus. The lovely Pauline Durban has tried so hard to keep going but now her supplier has gone into liquidation too.

Do take a good look at the beautiful tops and take advantage of the special savings while inventory is available. American made products at these prices are unheard of. As one customer said, “they last so long, you don’t need to keep replacing them”.

My Peek-a-Boo top (right) is just one of the half price bargains. 

Color Shape and Style from Style Yourself Confident #coloranalysis #bodyshape #styleconfidence

Summer tops into Fall

Take your basic Summer tops into Autumn and Winter with a bit of clever layering and you won't have to make any massive changes to your wardrobe. 

Summer is short in the UK and, apart from the expense, it's such a shame to tuck those pretty tops away.

Color Shape and Style from Style Yourself Confident #coloranalysis #bodyshape #styleconfidence

Mens Seasonal swatches

The Mens Seasonal color swatch is presented in a discreet, slim-line wallet designed to fit in the inside pocket of a suit jacket.

28 precision dyed fabrics: 8 Seasonal colors, 8 shirt fabrics, 6 suit fabrics, 6 tie colors, displayed in concertina style for easy co-ordination. You will also receive a digital color swatch showing all the Seasonal colors. 

Coming soon: Color Analysis for Men

Color Shape and Style from Style Yourself Confident #coloranalysis #bodyshape #styleconfidence

From the postbag - 

Question - I'm 6'2" with broad shoulders, small bust, long arms, narrow large feet, turning 60. I have no fashion sense and mostly wear jeans tee shirts and tennis shoes. Most shoes my size are not stylish and I really don't want to dress old! Any advice please?

Answer - You have such a challenge finding anything that actually fits that it's rare to even have a choice. I can well understand that it's difficult to develop your own personal style against those odds.  

Tall women are not all one shape or size either so I've put together some tall lady styling tips which I hope you will find helpful.  read more...

Color Shape and Style from Style Yourself Confident #coloranalysis #bodyshape #styleconfidence

New! Recipe of the Month - Low Fat High Fibre

Healthy eating is a major part of looking and feeling good. Low fat high fibre recipes are my answer to any weight and digestive problems. Important factors as we reach middle age and beyond!

I'm always looking for easy ways to add more essential fibre into our diet: oats, wholegrains, simple baked potatoes, brown pasta/rice, lentils, chickpeas and, of course, beans of every description!  

I aim to share one of my favorite recipes with you every month beginning with Tomato and Red Pepper Dahl.

Color Shape and Style from Style Yourself Confident #coloranalysis #bodyshape #styleconfidence

Other recent posts...

Color Shape and Style from Style Yourself Confident #coloranalysis #bodyshape #styleconfidence
Color Shape and Style from Style Yourself Confident #coloranalysis #bodyshape #styleconfidence

Your Color Analysis - hair isn't always the answer!

Forgive me if you've taken the Free Color Analysis Quiz and don't appear to have received the most perfect result. A quiz has to be quite generic and I feature the most usual colorings but, of course, there are many exceptions to the rules!

Hair color, for example, can never be an absolute determining factor as you see in the two ladies I show you today. 

You might think that as Summer colors are lighter than the Cool Color Family it would reflect in hair color too. But Anastacia's hair (Summer) is noticeably deeper than Rebecca's whose coloring is Cool. You will note though that Anastacia's look is soft and gentle, almost dreamy, which gives her a more delicate contrast - the light, cool and muted elements of Summer suit her perfectly. Rebecca, however, has a stronger brighter contrast and her colors need to be more defined and snappier to provide color balance.      

Read what they both have to say in Before and After Color Analysis.

Color Shape and Style from Style Yourself Confident #coloranalysis #bodyshape #styleconfidence
Color Shape and Style from Style Yourself Confident #coloranalysis #bodyshape #styleconfidence

See you again soon

with love Pamela x

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