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by Lyn


I'm 6'2" with broad shoulders, small bust, 36 inseam, long arms, shoe size 11 1/2 2AA (narrow), turning 60 in April. I have no fashion sense and mostly wear jeans, tee shirts, and tennis shoes. Most shoes my size are not stylish and I really don't want to dress old! Any advice please?


Hi Lyn

This was a good question and has prompted me into action.

As I'm 5ft 2" I realize that I've neglected you tall beauties. You have such a challenge finding anything that actually fits that it's rare to even have a choice. I can well understand that it's difficult to develop your own personal style against those odds.

Tall women are not all one shape or size either so I've put together some styling tips which I hope you will all find helpful.

I think you've adopted your 'uniform' of tee shirt and jeans through years of frustration and it's easier than putting yourself through the nightmare that shopping obviously can be.

I've made a list of quite a few tall celebrities. Google them, find some images that you like and what it is about their style that appeals to you.

Then I would strongly encourage you to explore my list of retailers who cater for your size. People are getting taller and retailers are taking note.

It's not necessary to veer too far away from your usual style (and it is 'your style') but just try on a pair of pants with more softness and add a top with more volume to flatter your small bust rather than a closely fitting tee. See the difference it makes to your silhouette but most of all see how you feel.

Not ready to try something new yet? Perhaps you think people will comment on a different look? Yes, perhaps they will so share any new look with friends who will boost your confidence and bring positive vibes.

When you've found a retailer who gives you the fit and comfort that you need, hang in there and explore some more.

Find the article at Styling tips for a Tall Lady. Good luck!

kind regards

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Feb 13, 2022
I agree
by: Pamela

That is a fantastic comment and I wholeheartedly agree with you Ms Anonymous.

If you can find a dressmaker or tailor to say make a pair of pants for you, you would have your own pattern specially cut. This could be made again in fabrics or colors and probably the style could be tweaked as well.

Frustration with shopping could be a thing of the past.

Sep 07, 2020
tall Lady
by: Anonymous

this may not be suitable for you but my grandmother was a tall lady and she had her clothes made for her (less choice then). She would get 3 dresses made summer and winter. (not a pants lady)

I did not get the tall gene - the opposite in fact but I have a couple of items made to fit each year by a tailor and I now build on them. Saves a lot on money in the long run.

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