Your Style 092 - June 2020

Summer color shape and style - Your Style 092 #coloranalysis #bodyshape #colorandstyle

Hi there!

With all the mayhem in the world we need to look forward with hope that life will soon offer us a little normality.

So after wondering whether it was worth even looking at Summer clothes this year, I realized that this was the perfect opportunity to make a few investment buys.

Forget high fashion think BASICS - staple pieces that won't date and will earn their keep in your wardrobe.

The lovely wide leg pants are my first purchase which will earn their keep year round!

The FREE list (below) will help you to identify the gaps in your wardrobe. 

Summer color shape and style - Your Style 092 #coloranalysis #bodyshape #colorandstyle

FREE list of the Closet Staples you need...

If you've been itching to start a Capsule Wardrobe - here's an amazing opportunity!

For a limited time, stylist Alison Lumbatis, is giving away a 24 page book showing you the basic items you need to create a year-round Capsule.

And it's absolutely FREE!

Summer color shape and style - Your Style 092 #coloranalysis #bodyshape #colorandstyle

A total of 32 items and 23 accessories that provide you with the real staples that make a wardrobe work. With suggestions of how to incorporate similar items from your own wardrobe, you'll never again say you've got nothing to wear!

Find complete Capsule Wardrobe plans with shopping lists HERE.  

How to wear luscious LIME

Tropical weather demands tropical color! But how to wear luscious LIME!

Whether you're barbecuing in Brighton or chilling in the Caribbean, the drama of this oh-so stunning color makes the perfect splash into your warm weather wardrobe.   

One of the most 'love it or hate it' colors of all time is coming into it's own. And I show you how EVERYONE can enjoy!

Summer color shape and style - Your Style 092 #coloranalysis #bodyshape #colorandstyle

It's all about the Hips!

Know your Hip Shape? Then you're en route to discovering your BODY TYPE.

There are only 2 basic hip shapes - and I make it easy-peasy to identify yours.

It's nothing at all to do with your SIZE - it's just your SHAPE that counts

Summer color shape and style - Your Style 092 #coloranalysis #bodyshape #colorandstyle

French Fashion Style

Think French fashion and the words CHIC and STYLISH immediately come to mind.

Paris is the cradle of fashion and is still considered the fashion capital of the world!

But the word STYLE goes along with SIMIPLICITY and understated SOPHISTICATION. How do they do it?

Summer color shape and style - Your Style 092 #coloranalysis #bodyshape #colorandstyle

Winter colors in Summer

Whether you're on a vacation or staycation, the dramatic tones of the Winter palette are perfect for your warm weather wardrobe.  

The Seasons are just a name, if these colors are flattering for you then they're great to wear right through the year!

Summer color shape and style - Your Style 092 #coloranalysis #bodyshape #colorandstyle

Go Wide

Like to keep your legs covered but feel the heat as the Summer approaches?

I love a pair of wide legged pants at any time but particularly in the Summer. They're always elegant, flattering, do a great cover-up job and they're also bang on trend.

Whether you want to hide your legs, balance your figure, look taller, have a shoe problem...  just GO WIDE!

Summer color shape and style - Your Style 092 #coloranalysis #bodyshape #colorandstyle

Other recent posts...

Summer color shape and style - Your Style 092 #coloranalysis #bodyshape #colorandstyle
Summer color shape and style - Your Style 092 #coloranalysis #bodyshape #colorandstyle

Your Color Analysis - the WARM Color Family

To many people a WARM undertone still means either SPRING or AUTUMN…

Although both of these Seasons have an element of Warm, they have other elements too. They are 'complex' color families, a complete mix.   


this palette is vivid and vibrant, far too sharp for many and...


this palette has soft deep shades which have too little clarity for many. 

So what if you don't have a mix of characteristics, what if you just have a WARM undertone? 

Then you need just the WARM colors like the ladies I show below.

The WARM Color Family takes the true Warm colors from both Seasons excluding the elements that are not needed - or wanted. Both Spring and Autumn would be far too restrictive for Corinne and Helena. See their comments on Before and After Color Analysis.

See what Corinne and Helena have to say in Before and After Color Analysis.

Summer color shape and style - Your Style 092 #coloranalysis #bodyshape #colorandstyle

Keep safe

with much love Pamela x

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