Your Style 087 - January 2020

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Hi there!

Not just a New Year but a new DECADE! Was it really 20 years ago that we were agog at the thought of a new millennium?

20 years older, not always 20 years wiser of course - I really shouldn't have had that last glass of port on Christmas Day!! 

But at the end of another year I thank the Lord for my loved ones and the fount of memories that increase with every occasion.

Who knows what a new decade will bring. Probably far more brain power going on technology than on the more pressing problems of world peace and polution!   

At the beginning of the next decade my grandchildren will be grown and I will be an old lady. I can only hope that the world will strive to be a better place in which our children and grandchildren can co-exist in harmony.


Just celebrate the OLD!

Now it may seem strange to encourage you to forget New Year Resolutions but, come on, whoever came up with that idea was a bit of a masochist and certainly teetotal.

I hope you have a wonderful year ahead but, first of all, I encourage you to LOOK BACK!

This is a time to celebrate with pride how you coped with the ups and downs you've inevitably had to face.

Style Yourself Confident #colorandstyle

Look good when it's cold!

When the Holidays are over, for many, the coldest days are still to come. So how do we keep warm and still manage to look good in the Winter?

No-one looks their best when they're cold and miserable but a couple of warm accessories can add comfort and tweak up your style with a pop of color. 

Style Yourself Confident #colorandstyle

Winter colors? It's easy...

Ok so you’re a Winter – but how do you actually begin to wear Winter colors?

Looking at the Winter swatch for the first time can be a little alarming. But, although you have one of the brightest Seasons, it usually turns out to be the simplest of all to put into practice.

Style Yourself Confident #colorandstyle

Petite pear shape

The petite Pear has shorter legs which means that the hips (and any extra weight) are closer to the ground. This visually widens the area even more.

So what's to be done? Your overall silhouette is the most important factor and you can adjust proportions to suit. 

Style Yourself Confident #colorandstyle

From my postbag - Wearing Winter grey

QUESTION: I consider myself to be a Clear Winter. However I am unsure how to wear grey. I put that color on & it washes me out. Is there a something I am missing? Wrong shade maybe?

ANSWER: WINTER is a palette of cool colors with strong contrasts - high/low, strong/icy. Bold, heavily saturated colors with equally strong neutrals ... read more...

Style Yourself Confident #colorandstyle

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Style Yourself Confident #colorandstyle
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Your Color Analysis...  - your favorite section!

As I'm talking mostly WINTER today, I thought I'd feature two ladies with the same color direction but completely different hair colors.

Winter coloring is usually defined by cool dark hair with a strong skin tone and intensely colored eyes. Although the dark hair will invariably transition into a strong silvery gray, the depth of coloring remains in the eyes and skin.

The coloring remains strong and bold enough to support the intensely saturated colors of the Winter color palette.

In the same way, you will occasionally find a blonde (usually ash blonde) with strong eye and skin tone that looks her best in Winter coloring.

Open your hearts to new opportunities in January

Pamela x

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