Winter pallet - wearing grey

by Marlene


I consider myself to be a clear winter. However I am unsure how to wear grey. I put that color on & it washes me out. Is there a something I am missing? Wrong shade maybe?


Hi Marlene

Winter is really made up of 3 elements - Cool, Deep and Bright (Clear).

WINTER is a palette of cool colors with strong contrasts - high/low, strong/icy. Bold, heavily saturated colors with equally strong neutrals which are really not intended to be worn alone.

Your natural coloring has lots of beautiful contrast and you need to use colors to echo that bold coloring. Your greys should all be Cool of course but they need to be dressed up with brighter but deeply saturated color to create the contrast and show you off to advantage.

Use the fabulous strong jewel tones with any of the cool greys in your palette to complement your striking coloring.

Check out the features about WINTER COLORING for more color tips.

kind regards

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