Your Style 082 - September 2019

Color Analysis and Style #coloranalysis

Hi there!

I'm proud to say that, with your support, this website has just achieved it's 7th anniversary. 

Back in 2012 I tentatively created a couple of pages with 9 views the first week - I was ecstatic! Style Yourself Confident is now viewed by nearly 3000 people every day worldwide.  

Although the 'Blog' is constantly updated there is so much more to discover.  

All the color and style features I've written (and improved on over the years) are still here for your reference and pleasure, so that you can continue discover and develop your own confident style regardless of current fashion.

Why not take a look at the Sitemap and see the extent of the available info. 

Thank you for your continued contact, kind comments and friendship. The Internet would be a lonely place without you all!

Color Analysis and Style #coloranalysis

In a few weeks I'm off to Las Vegas for my daughter Vicki's wedding - excited and looking forward to sharing some of our family photos.

It does mean that Color Analysis submissions will be on a go-slow for a couple of weeks at the end of the month, so please apply early if you have a deadline.

Roman Originals on Sale!

I rarely do styling posts but when I saw the ROMAN ORIGINALS SALE I had to share some of my favorite separates!

I'm a sucker for separates that span the seasons. Anything that packs for vacation and also doubles up for Holiday and party time is a sure winner for me.

Color Analysis and Style #coloranalysis

Dress the Apple Shape

Although an Apple body shape has many plus points, it's the nature of the beast that your midriff/belly/upper abdomen area will store excess weight.

Take a look at my style tips to dress your APPLE SHAPE and flatter your figure to best advantage? 

Color Analysis and Style #coloranalysis

Summer tops into Autumn

Does the transition of the seasons throw your wardrobe into disarray?

Take your basic Summer tops through into Autumn and Winter with a bit of clever layering and you won't actually need to make any massive changes.

Color Analysis and Style #coloranalysis

Do you know the difference?
Are you Seasonal or Tonal?

TONAL or SEASONAL COLOR ANALYSIS - do they have you puzzled?

Lots of people tell me that the SEASONS don't feel right for them and they're right, they don't work for everyone.

Your natural coloring is defined by your individual color characteristics. Sometimes these characteristics will show that you're a SEASON but, if not, you will belong to a TONAL Color Family.  (read more...)

Color Analysis and Style #coloranalysis

Posts you may have missed...

Color Analysis and Style #coloranalysis
Color Analysis and Style #coloranalysis
Color Analysis and Style #coloranalysis
Color Analysis and Style #coloranalysis

Your Color Analysis...  - for how YOU want to feel!

Why would you want Color Analysis? We're all individual and your needs may be completely different to the next woman.

Laura (pictured left) was used to wearing lots of neutrals and cautious about a bright palette that might overwhelm. I showed her how she could base her wardrobe on neutrals and introduce color as and when she was ready. Georgia (right) however, is ready for an injection of color as she embraces a new phase of her life with more travel and city activities.

The gorgeous Spring color family gives them both a wide range of neutrals and accents for them to use as they wish.

More before and after Color Analysis photos next month or you can see lots of testimonials here.

With my love and thanks to YOU for the success of this website!

Pamela x

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