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Pack for a City Break

Whether it's Easter in Paris, May in Milan or somewhere much closer to home, pack for a city break with a slicked back look and the minimum of fuss.

Or just transition your style from Winter to Spring with a touch of 'je ne sais quoi' by taking a look at our European counterparts!

European women dress with an elegance and restraint that leaves mere fashion way behind. Personal presentation is far more important than an expansive wardrobe.

Of course you can wear what you like! BUT minimalism is so much easier!

AND for safety you should avoid looking like a tourist, so keep your camera out of sight and pare back to look as though you belong. 

Add two or three bright accessories and you're ready to go.

Pack for a city break or just up your look for Spring! #packforcitybreak #parisbreak #citybreak https://www.style-yourself-confident.com/pack-for-a-city-break.html

Basics to pack for a city break

  • dark toned jeans - always smarter than light
  • long sleeve and short sleeve tee
  • tailored pants and silk shirt
  • neutral toned dress will take you from sight-seeing to dinner
  • cashmere cardigan for layering
  • neutral toned warm jacket or trench
  • comfortable shoes or ankle boots
  • wind-proof umbrella
  • 2 scarves
  • hat or beret
  • anti-theft backpack
Pack for a city break or just up your look for Spring! #packforcitybreak #parisbreak #citybreak https://www.style-yourself-confident.com/pack-for-a-city-break.html

How to present yourself

1. Taking care of both herself and her clothes are priorities for most European women.

2.  Personal grooming should be impeccable; well cut hair and subtle makeup.

3.  Nails are always well manicured, usually short, but not with a French manicure!

4.  Excellent posture enables a European woman to hold herself elegantly at all times.

5.  Beautiful manners with a slightly aloof manner adds to the sex appeal. 

and your clothes...

1.  Quality over quantity; cared for clothes look more expensive and they last longer.  

2.  Good fabric and a good fit is essential for comfort and relaxed confidence.

3.  To look elegant, wear the colors, shapes and styles that work for you.

4.  Aim to be well dressed but conservatively simple.

5.  The essentials: cashmere knits, dresses and denims are worn year-round. 

6.  Add a splash of color with accessories: a scarf is the ultimate accessory. 

7.  Wear quality accessories with a splash of color; quality and style go hand in hand.

8.  Cushioned comfort for your feet but the young may wear Converse with jeans.  

Add quality accessories to your neutrals

and what to avoid...

  • T-shirts with pictures or logos
  • Light blue jeans and sweatshirts
  • Flip flops or gym clothes
  • Never ever anything gaudy or tacky
  • Shoes you can't walk in
  • Avoid looking like a tourist for safety!

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