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The best hair color for YOU!

The best hair color for YOU is the one that is going to make you look your most attractive.

Although you're allowed to have strange fantasy hair colors (and you'll probably have a personality to match) there's no doubt that if you choose to flatter your skin tone you will always get the best result.  

What's the best hair color for you?  #best hair color

Because naturally your hair, eyes (and eyebrows) and skin tone are all designed to work together, even just a small tweak of hair colorant can make a big difference to the way you look.

Now I'm not suggesting that you shouldn't color your hair but, just like choosing your makeup and clothes, it's really important to choose the shade carefully.

So yes... you can add toners, highlights, low lights or even change your color permanently in the knowledge that you'll always look your best as long as you...

First identify your skin tone...

  • Don't choose a hair color because it's fashionable
  • Consult a good hairdresser that really understands color

Just look at the difference it can make...

Changing your hair color can make an incredible difference to your skin tone.

Actress Naomi Watts (pictured above) has Cool skin with blue undertones which translates into a pink toned complexion. The cool blonde highlights on the right perfectly complements her natural coloring.

When her hair takes on a warm golden color the yellow undertone is accentuated against Naomi's cool complexion and drains it of natural color. Of course photographic lights make a difference but even so, her coloring is drained and she's added a much stronger lipstick to compensate.

The best hair colors for WARM skin

You have a beautiful rich range of Warm hair tones that will flatter and work with your golden toned complexion. There is a strong red influence - from honey to strawberry blonde, light titian red, deep auburn or even red toned chestnut

As a rule of thumb, if you have a fair complexion and light eyes you should select the more gentle lighter tones. With deeper toned skin and/or darker eyes enjoy the deeper tones.

Warm shades can be softly subtle; gold, golden brown, honey and caramel through to the richest of autumn hues.

What's the best hair color for you?  #best hair color

The best hair colors for COOL skin

If you have Cool skin you have a blue undertone which gives a pink tinge to your complexion particularly if you are fair. 

If your coloring is stronger then your complexion can sometimes be sallow but this comes into balance when you are wearing Cool colors to complement.

You may have been white blonde as a child and now light to mousey brown, mid ash brown through to a deep browny/black.

You need Cool hair tones. Yellow or golden tones near to your face can make you look quite sickly so avoid any golden tones in your hair which might throw your skin tone out of balance.

What's the best hair color for you?  #best hair color

Keep cool! Ash blonde highlights, ash brown low lights, or even a deep burgundy can be introduced to darker hair. However deep your color you can introduce some stunning sharp highlights for brightness. If you find it difficult to eradicate brassy tones from your hair, try a silver shampoo or toner.

If you're fair or dark

Perhaps you're fair or dark and considering a drastic change of hair color. You can do it of course but it may have a dramatic, often adverse, effect on your skin tone. 

Fair hair is naturally designed to complement fair skin and deep toned hair/deep toned skin the same. 

What's the best hair color for you?  #best hair color

Nicole Ritchie (above) wears her hair considerably lighter than her deep brunette. Because she has warm skin there is always a yellow slightly 'brassy' look with the blonde that results and her skin tone looks darker by comparison.

She is of course in the business of standing out from the crowd and if you're happy with this effect then it can look very striking. Just be aware of the effect it can cause, dark eyes and eyebrows are actually designed to complement the darker hair.  

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