Your Style Magazine #108
November 2021

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Seasonal celebrations are beginning across every culture when we join with family and friends to show thankfulness. 

Diwali is underway, giving thanks for the spiritual victory of light over darkness, good over evil. Thanksgiving, which began as a day of giving thanks and sacrifice for the blessing of the harvest, is celebrated in the US in November. Hanukkah, the Day of the Dead - forgive me for the ones I haven't mentioned. 

Most celebrations have long histories! On November 5th we have Bonfire Night to enjoy fireworks and light bonfires to burn an effigy of Guy Fawkes. He was part of a treasonous plot who planted gunpowder beneath the Houses of Parliament in 1605 aiming to blow up the King and Government. Fortunately the plot was discovered and the original 'Guy Fawkes' day was in thanksgiving for the King's survival. When I was a child, kids would make a 'guy' and push it around the village to collect a 'penny for the guy' saying:

"Remember, remember the Fifth of November, Gunpowder Treason and Plot,
I know of no reason why the Gunpowder Treason should ever be forgot"

More poignantly, Remembrance Day, November 11th, has been recognized since the end of WWI to honor members of the armed forces who died in the line of duty. We offer tributes and thanksgiving to those who gave their lives to protect our freedom.

BUT regardless of creed let's all simply honor the message of National Kindness Day on November 13th!

Winter's Magic Color

I'm been looking for Winters Magic Color! The ONE color that will suit absolutely everyone with Winter coloring.

If you fit the bill, that is if your coloring is Cool, Deep and Bright (Clear) then COBALT BLUE is your Magic Color. 

Your Style #108 November 2021 #wintersmagiccolor #thanksgiving

At home elegance

At home elegance! What does that mean to you?

The night's are drawing in and there's a nip in the air. After writing recently about identifying gaps in your wardrobe, the drop in temperature has identified mine! 

Your Style #108 November 2021 #wintersmagiccolor #thanksgiving

Style confidence

We know that it makes us feel good if we look good but that certainly doesn't entail looking like a fashion model. In fact, it really has very little to do with 'looks'. The real key to gaining confidence in yourself and your appearance is to VALUE YOURSELF!

Your Style #108 November 2021 #wintersmagiccolor #thanksgiving

Smart Casual

After what seems a lifetime, we're beginning to edge from casual to party time once again! 

Undoubtedly, Holiday celebrations will be downplayed again this year as we appreciate being together far more than wearing a new dress! 

Your Style #108 November 2021 #wintersmagiccolor #thanksgiving

French Capsule

Struggle to look fashionable? Let stylist Alison Lumbatis show you how to work simply with timeless classics that pull your look together with effortless style. 

Makes getting dressed the easiest thing you’ll do all day.

Your Style #108 November 2021 #wintersmagiccolor #thanksgiving

Burgundy or Maroon

Burgundy works for practically everyone whatever your style.

Although I show you the difference between Burgundy and Maroon you don't have to get too hung up about the different undertones because, most of the time you'll find it really doesn't matter.  

Your Style #108 November 2021 #wintersmagiccolor #thanksgiving

My 2 day Slim Plan

My 2 day Slim Plan allowed me to quickly and easily drop a couple of pounds. 

After a Summer of wearing loose pants, back into jeans, I find I'm at least 5 lbs overweight. I don't over worry about weight generally but with a vacation and holiday time looming, I need a quick, easy and painless slim plan. 

Your Style #108 November 2021 #wintersmagiccolor #thanksgiving

Stop Press posts...

Your Style #108 November 2021 #wintersmagiccolor #thanksgiving
Your Style #108 November 2021 #wintersmagiccolor #thanksgiving

Your Color Analysis pics - Autumn

Today I'm looking at the Autumn Season.

The Autumn palette is made up of 3 different color characteristics - Warm Deep and Muted. To be an Autumn you will also have the same 3 elements of color in your own genetic makeup.  

When you're matched to your Color Family you can begin to echo your natural coloring in the clothes you wear. This creates harmony and what we call Color Balance. In other words, your natural coloring is perfectly and naturally complemented.

But it can be difficult to be objective about your own coloring and Stacey thought she was cool! This is what she says:

"I still have trouble seeing my golden skin and think my confusion is the result of several missteps on my part. I've long known about color and when I realized beige washes me out I assumed it was because I was not warm toned. I jumped to looking for more contrast and not looking for harmony".

In actual fact, Stacey was unaware that she was instinctively choosing some of the Autumn colors already. This is often the case, because you are often naturally drawn to at least some of the colors that suit you best.

See more Color Analysis Testimonials here.. 

Your Style #108 November 2021 #wintersmagiccolor #thanksgiving
Your Style #108 November 2021 #wintersmagiccolor #thanksgiving

Happy Celebrations 'til we meet again!

love Pamela x

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