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September 2021

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September is always a month of change, this year more than most as we begin to get back to an uneasy normality. In the UK we're now officially in 'meteorological Autumn' even though Summer has been a non-event!

Neutrals are a misunderstood bunch of colors! A new series will take you closely through the best neutrals for each Color Family beginning with Warm. This will be helpful for Springs and Autumns too as they both have a warm undertone - even though shortly they will be featured individually.    

Now the children are back at school many parents are returning to the workplace whether they like it or not so I'm looking at Business Casual, a minefield in many industries. 

I include a brief homage to Diana, Princess of Wales whose life was so cruelly cut short 24 years ago this week. 

Nail your Neutrals - the WARM Neutrals

Can you identify the Warm neutrals? Neutrals are not the first thing that comes to mind when you have a fabulous new color palette in your hand.

The best warm neutrals to complement your own golden skin tone are those with a yellow undertone or base. 

Color Analysis, Body shape and Style #coloranalysis #bodyshape #fashionstyle

Women's Business Casual

Business Casual for women is one of the most difficult dress codes to crack.

More especially when it's a woman working in a mail dominated industrial environment. 

Nowadays, most offices have a more casual environment even it's just a Friday dress-down day but women run the risk of making a fashion 'faux pas' much more easily than their male counterparts.

Color Analysis, Body shape and Style #coloranalysis #bodyshape #fashionstyle

The Light Color Family

I've included this in homage to Diana, Princess of Wales, whose life was tragically cut short 24 years ago this week.  

Many people have tried to limit her coloring to a Season but she was a complete mix of (naturally) cool hair with the brightest warm eyes imaginable. She instinctively wore both Warm and Cool colors with a LIGHT intensity.

Color Analysis, Body shape and Style #coloranalysis #bodyshape #fashionstyle

Wear Pearls Casually

'Going out' has become increasingly casual and we're starting to wear pearls casually too. They're fashionable again and even fun!

Classic pearls were always associated with formality and 'dressing up'- not so anymore.  Whether you opt for earrings, bracelets or a necklace, they go a long way towards elevating your look and add a touch of glamor and style.

Color Analysis, Body shape and Style #coloranalysis #bodyshape #fashionstyle

Classic Style Personality 

A Classic Style Personality will always be elegantly and appropriately dressed for any occasion and always be well turned out.

Your style is simple, refined and somewhat restrained!

This lady is a style icon for many of us! 

Color Analysis, Body shape and Style #coloranalysis #bodyshape #fashionstyle

Kilworth House & Theatre

Kilworth House and Theatre is only 30 minutes from home and yet we'd never visited. It proved the perfect choice to celebrate our wedding anniversary.

I loved the graceful country house hotel and accommodation but I was completely entranced by the open air theatre in the 38 acres of parkland!  

Color Analysis, Body shape and Style #coloranalysis #bodyshape #fashionstyle

And hot off the press - the FALL capsule wardrobe!

The Outfit Formulas® Fall 2021 Capsule Wardrobe guide includes 34 days of casual outfit ideas with “dress it up” and “dress it down” tips so that these looks work for every lifestyle!

You also get a shopping list of easy, low cost essentials that are already on trend today, including accessories!

Color Analysis, Body shape and Style #coloranalysis #bodyshape #fashionstyle

Your Color Analysis  - it takes time! 

If you can't immediately see what your Color Analysis is telling you, you're not alone! If you've been thrown a curved ball, you can't change your thinking overnight so it's not surprising that it takes time to process the information. 

Denise from the USA was complementary and accepted her analysis results with grace, understanding why she always felt and looked so pale. But, as with many of us, it can take time to completely assimilate all that it entails. It was 6 months later when the 'penny dropped' completely when she wrote... 

"I wanted to share with you my epiphany, my brain finally clicked! This morning in my bathroom mirror (both robe and tile are the 'wrong' color) I realized that these colors confuse me because I am Winter and my skin tone is cool.

Long story short, I've been using the wrong makeup and making myself look sickly. Today the right foundation blush and shadow, a dark blue top and voila!

I also realized that most makeup people try to "warm you up" further adding to my confusion. Neutral and cool toned people can get a sun tan and still be cool, just a deeper shade. (Self tanners are orange, more confusion) I can lighten my hair a bit, it doesn't have to be black/brown just without red. It doesn't mean I have to be so ash that I look like a corpse.  

I'm going to embrace my fair skin, dark hair and eyes. I will stop following trends that don't work for me. But at least now I understand why.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!!!"  

That was music to my ears! So don't panic and don't feel guilty for doubting, just give yourself time to get your head round it. Color Analysis Testimonials here.. 

Color Analysis, Body shape and Style #coloranalysis #bodyshape #fashionstyle

It will be Autumn when we meet again

with love 'til then

Pamela x

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