Your Style Magazine #105
August 2021

Amazingly, Style Yourself Confident turns 9 years old! Already retired and in the process of moving house, I was introduced to the idea of a step-by-step website build. Laughable really, I knew so little about the Internet but I needed a challenge! 

I didn't want a 'blog', just an outlet to share the logic of how nature dictates our colors, shape and style - nothing to do with fashion just a huge factor in adding confidence! An outlet that's allowed me to write about anything and everything that enables us to Look Good and Feel Good regardless of age, shape or size!

I'm surprised but proud of the website's growth and value the network of Internet friends I've made around the globe. Over the years I've honed my own innovative method of Color Analysis with clients from all over the world, a reward in itself. But it's all down to YOU the readers, and I'm so grateful!  

Finally we're talking Summer (changeable in the UK of course)! So whether you're on holiday/vacation or just relaxing in the backyard have fun in the sun! 

How to choose Flattering Swimwear

Whether it's a vacation, staycation or the local splash pool, flattering swimwear is a MUST when you're older!

Swimwear is always top of my list when packing for holiday/vacation. Not that I'm a swim junkie (completely the opposite) but, like most of us, I am at my most vulnerable when I'm baring or nearly baring all. 

How to choose the most flattering swimwear for you! 

Your Style magazine #105 #coloranalysis #bodyshape #fashionstyle

Summer Beauty Tips for when it sizzles!   Q and A

Apart from the lucky few who come into their own in a heatwave, there are many of us who will always find it difficult to cope elegantly with hot and sticky weather. 

Although there's no instant magic there are a few Summer beauty tips which offer quick-fix solutions so you can cope with the heat at work or at play.

Your Style magazine #105 #coloranalysis #bodyshape #fashionstyle

Navy Holiday Capsule - just 8 items

Are you confident when you're looking for colors to suit you? 

Identifying a WARM or COOL undertone will give you a FAST TRACK to COLOR!

Undertone is the layer under your skin which influences the overall look of your natural coloring, not your complexion.

Pale in the Winter? Tanned in the Summer? Dont worry, your undertone always stays the same.

Your Style magazine #105 #coloranalysis #bodyshape #fashionstyle

How to wear luscious Lime

Tropical weather demands tropical color! Do you know how to wear LIME!

Whether you're barbecuing in Brighton or chilling in the Caribbean, the dramatic shades of luscious Lime are a perfect addition to your warm weather wardrobe.  

One of the most striking colors of all time, but is this color for YOU?

Your Style magazine #105 #coloranalysis #bodyshape #fashionstyle

Baring your Upper Arms

Even if we're stuck at home it's Summer and for many of you the temperatures are climbing high.

It's time to show some flesh!

There are certainly more dresses to choose from if you're happy to bare your arms - and remember that upper arm fat is only a problem if it worries you! 

And if you do feel a little exposed around the arm holes there are always different ways to style!

Your Style magazine #105 #coloranalysis #bodyshape #fashionstyle

My mini Chanel capsule

I had no idea that a new swimsuit would give me a mini Chanel Capsule! 

I like a swimsuit with tummy control for a bit of figure confidence but, this time, I was disappointed to find no coverup dress - only a pair of wide legged pants. I love a matching set and 'beggars can't be choosers' so I took them.  

But what a clever and stylish set of co-ordinates it created!

Your Style magazine #105 #coloranalysis #bodyshape #fashionstyle

How to wear Sunscreen with makeup

It's important to be safe in the sun and protect your skin but if, like me, you like to wear your sunscreen with makeup, do you know how to apply? 

My skin is not as young as it was and I'm naturally very fair so, although makeup isn't necessarily essential, it does make me feel better. 

It's easy to look your best and stay safe in the sun. 

Your Style magazine #105 #coloranalysis #bodyshape #fashionstyle

English Afternoon Tea - champagne of course!

Traditional English afternoon tea is pure indulgence!

When it's enjoyed at one of England's finest country houses it's exquisite! 

Let me share my delightful birthday treat with you (very delayed because of lockdown) and I'll show you how easy it is to copy the idea for a special treat with your family and friends. 

Your Style magazine #105 #coloranalysis #bodyshape #fashionstyle

Your Color Analysis  - "..why couldn't I see it?"

There are many women who wear colors they like but, for some reason, doubt themselves that they are choosing correctly to flatter. If you're instinctively drawn towards a particular color and it makes you feel good, there's a darn good chance that it is one of the shades in your own color palette. Color Analysis will confirm your good taste far more often than deciding you've got it wrong!

Ann says: "I am absolutely thrilled with my color analysis. I could very easily see your reasoning behind why I’m a Summer, and the pictures made the explanation very obvious. This a relief for me to finally know, after merry go round for several years. 

These have always been my favorite colors as you could see by the colors my house is painted, even the flowers in my garden - and not sure why I couldn’t see myself but am very happy you could. Thank you so much again I know I’m going to be so very happy with these colors. Ann, USA

See more in Before and After CA

Your Style magazine #105 #coloranalysis #bodyshape #fashionstyle
Your Style magazine #105 #coloranalysis #bodyshape #fashionstyle

enjoy the sunshine

love to you all

Pamela x

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