Your Style 096 - October 2020

Color Bodyshape and Style #coloranalysis #bodyshape #yourstyle

Hi there!

Well the heating's on and I'm snuggled into a warm cardigan.

We're limited to no more than 6 people inside our homes at any one time and the restrictions are likely to get tighter still. But a little sun trickling through the window today lightens the mood.  

Any family get-togethers are obviously limited but, fortunately, my children don't have large families so we can see each individually and stay within the legal number. 

Into burgundy in a big way this month and loving it - the wine and the color! Keep safe x

Color Bodyshape and Style #coloranalysis #bodyshape #yourstyle

Burgundy or Maroon?

Burgundy or Maroon - do you know which is which? And how to distinguish between Warm and Cool shades? 

Burgundy is a beautiful cold weather color and a very popular fashion shade.

As with all colors you'll see lots of different shades all calling themselves 'burgundy' and we use the word very loosely to cover many deep rich shades.

Color Bodyshape and Style #coloranalysis #bodyshape #yourstyle

30 ways to wear Burgundy!

Now I didn't set out to see how many ways I could combine Burgundy - but the ideas and images ran away with me!

The way you perceive color combinations is dependent on your own personal taste. What you consider works will depend on your Style Personality.

I'm showing you lots of delicious color combinations from some of my favorite Style Bloggers, you'll never be stuck for inspiration again.

Color Bodyshape and Style #coloranalysis #bodyshape #yourstyle

All wrapped up for Fall

Get wrapped up for Autumn with a simple and stylish coverup poncho or cape. 

The Seasons are changing and the cold mornings will start creeping up quickly. But you don't need to change your daily 'uniform' dramatically you just need a coverup with flexibility!

Color Bodyshape and Style #coloranalysis #bodyshape #yourstyle

Color Analysis Deep

I hear quite often from ladies with strong coloring who struggle to determine whether they are Warm or Cool. In other  words you're trying to decide between Autumn and Winter.

But some people actually have elements of both Warm and Cool. It means that undertone is not the most important factor in your coloring.  

Take a look at the Deep Color Family, it might be for YOU?

Color Bodyshape and Style #coloranalysis #bodyshape #yourstyle

Slim the Petite Pear

A good fit holds the key to a Petite Pear Shape looking her best. 

The Pear shaped body type is defined by bone structure; the hip and thigh area is wider than the shoulders and it's also the area that carries any excess weight.

With shorter legs your hips (and any extra weight) are closer to the ground. This visually widens the area even more.

Color Bodyshape and Style #coloranalysis #bodyshape #yourstyle

Recipe of the Month - Moroccan Chicken

This is a 10 out of 10 recipe. It's warm, comforting and something a bit different as it includes chickpeas. Quick, easy and it freezes like a dream.

It's actually called Ras-El-Hanout Chicken (but I keep forgetting how to spell it) from one of my favorite websites

Color Bodyshape and Style #coloranalysis #bodyshape #yourstyle

Other recent posts...

Color Bodyshape and Style #coloranalysis #bodyshape #yourstyle
Color Bodyshape and Style #coloranalysis #bodyshape #yourstyle

Your Color Analysis - when you question an analysis!

Although some people accept a Color Analysis and follow it slavishly, hopefully, if someone doesn't understand they will raise a query. I always welcome the opportunity to explain my findings in a little more detail. Such is the way with the two ladies I feature this month.

Mirka had been analyzed recently with a different result and Helen had received conflicting advice between Warm and Cool. Now, I have to say that if any of you feel the need to repeat the process of Color Analysis it's usually because you're not absolutely comfortable with the palette you've been given!

I'm pleased to say that the method of Color Analysis I've developed is more accurate than when I actually worked face-to-face years ago. I never rush so have time for things to click around in my mind; I have everyone's natural coloring, background, heritage, opinions etc. in front of me which I can refer to; I see what's happening in images; I have more than one photo showing skin tone in different lights; and I can explain fully what I can see via the different images. Moreover, the client sees what's happening too, it's not just me 'telling' her, she can see it! 

Read what they both have to say in Before and After Color Analysis.

Color Bodyshape and Style #coloranalysis #bodyshape #yourstyle
Color Bodyshape and Style #coloranalysis #bodyshape #yourstyle

Keep safe and well

with love Pamela x

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