Your Style 080 - July 2019

Hi there!

Unusually, we're currently roasting with a 'proper' Summer in the UK and so we're celebrating with a bit of everything to do with COLOR, SHAPE and STYLE.

Sadly, the force of nature inevitably has a downside. The extreme temperatures in Europe have reached highs of practically 46 degrees resulting in raging wildfires and posing danger to the vulnerable.

Wherever you live, I hope you are able to enjoy everything that July has to offer and relish your time with family and friends. 

Covered Perfectly Peek-a-Boo

You've seen me in these beautiful natural fibre tops before, but I've never shown the Peek-a-Boo sleeves. 

The split-sleeve tunic in a stunning Violet is the perfect shape for hiding a tummy or a muffin top and it's pretty enough for a party. 

But Wow! taking it to the tropics and teaming with white cutoffs is something I never dreamed of doing - I love it!  read my review..

A Color Swatch comes to life!

If you've ever felt frustrated about a color swatch and wondered how it actually works, stand by to see it come to life!

Have fun, choose your favorite outfit and discover the fabulous color co-ordination you can achieve with your own Color Family.

All the wardrobe basics are made in every swatch color, whether you're Tonal or Seasonal.

Capsule Wardrobe on a Budget?

We talk a lot about Capsule Wardrobes but all it really means is how you can put your separates together in different ways to make the most of a little.

You can look at the clothes you already have in your closet and decide to stretch them in the same way whatever the time of year.

It's far more about good planning and 'restraint' than big spending. You don't need an expensive or expansive wardrobe.

If you've only got the basics then this is for you!

Syn Free and Scrumptious

If you want to Look Good and Feel Good then healthy eating has to come into the remit!

Although I intended to lose a few pounds pre-holiday, it just didn't happen. Consequently, I have just 12 weeks to achieve a small loss before my daughter Vicki gets married in Las Vegas.  

I do eat healthily but like, most of us, I like a few treats. Therefore, my low fat way of eating definitely does not have to look like diet food! Like to share a few of my low fat favorites?

Posts you may have missed...

Your Color Analysis...  - everyone is individual!

Each month I show a couple of ladies who have recently had Online Color Analysis.

One of the things I particularly enjoy when I've completed an analysis, is being able to assemble this kind of image. Most people don't realize that many of the colors they are instinctly drawn to actually belong to their Color Family. 

When you see two or three colors that you already enjoy it gives you the confidence to embrace your color palette to the full.

Before and After Color Analysis

Enjoy everything your Summer brings

Pamela x

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