Help for Chameleons

by Jennifer
(Indianapolis, Indiana, United States)


I struggle with seasonal and tonal color analysis because all of my features are variable and not well defined--except my fair skin. I have strawberry blonde hair that's blonder in the summer and redder in the winter, blue eyes that change from grey blue with warm flecks to deeper, almost-navy blue, and fair but neutral skin.

Most online quizzes fail because I can't define my skin tone as warm or cool.

After reading a maddening number of articles and blog posts, doing lots of self evaluation, and asking unsuspecting family members ... I have come up with everything from Bright Spring/Light Winter, Light, all the autumns, Soft Autumn/Soft Summer and Soft/Muted. You can see that I struggle because I can't define anything but my fair skin.

I don't think I can be a Winter because of my light hair. I don't think I can be a Spring due to the depth my hair and eyes can get. I don't think I can be a Summer due to the warmth of my hair and flecks in my eyes. And I don't think I can be an Autumn because of the lightness of my skin. I don't see one dominate characteristic, and I think my best colors are blush pink, navy blue (OK, maybe all the blues), brown, charcoal grey, olive, burgundy/aubergine, light coral and teal/turquoise.

I'd love any suggestions you may have as I'm making myself crazy over this!


Hi Jennifer

Although I give plenty of information on my website about self analysis, it is notoriously difficult to be objective about yourself.

I also offer a Free Color Analysis Quiz and this will give you a general direction. But, of course, this has to be quite generic and can only go so far into detail.

It's rather like me painting a room Jennifer, I can make an attempt at it but I'm not a professional.

If you really want to know your color direction in detail you need a professional Color Analysis. I offer an online service with a guarantee of satisfaction. Take a look at the Testimonials from satisfied clients.

This would seem to be the only way forward to save your sanity and, ultimately, it will save you lots of time and money!

Hope this helps
kind regards

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