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How to dress an APPLE shape

Do you find it a problem to dress an APPLE SHAPE and flatter your figure to best advantage? 

Although an Apple body shape has many plus points, it's the nature of the beast that your midriff/belly/upper abdomen area will store excess weight.

Body shape, of course, has little to do with your size or weight normally, it's just your bone structure that dictates your frame.

Oprah Winfrey is an Apple shape #appleshape #applebodyshape https://www.style-yourself-confident.com/dress-an-apple-shape.html

BUT it has been proved that refined sugar, found largely in processed food, has been proved to exacerbate fat in this area - two of the biggest offenders are fruit juices and alcohol.

Identify the formula...

Every body shape has pros and cons so let's major on the positives - you've got plenty of those - and ensure that you enjoy those womanly curves.

It's a bit like putting together a jigsaw to get the most pleasing effect.

With a careful choice of colors and shapes you can minimize the more generous aspects of your figure and visually bring your figure into balance.

Oprah Winfrey is an Apple shape #appleshape #applebodyshape https://www.style-yourself-confident.com/dress-an-apple-shape.htmlWhatever her weight,Oprah is always an Apple Shape
Oprah Winfrey is an Apple shape #appleshape #applebodyshape https://www.style-yourself-confident.com/dress-an-apple-shape.html

Wow - look at your positives..

  • a shapely bust line
  • a cleavage to die for
  • slender straight hips
  • slim arms
  • good slim thighs
  • and fabulous legs!

Just identify the formula of shapes that works best to achieve a shape you're happy with.

Flatter your apple shape...

For a more balanced figure aim for a structured shoulder line. Your garment will hang from the shoulder and skim over your midriff area - this will help to elongate your top half. 

Then 'sculpt'  a midriff with good foundation wear and styles that flatter.

  • High rise pants to trim the waist
  • Well fitted bra lifts bust from midriff
  • A structured shoulder line
  • Fluid fabrics drape the body not cling

Choose shapes that maximise your assets

  • tunic tops flared from under the bust
  • elongate your top with a V neckline
  • longer length to reach the hips
  • assymetrical lines keep the eye moving
  • high wrap dresses to emphasise the slimmest part of the figure (Oprah above right)

What to avoid...

  • short tops that finish at the waist
  • horizontal lines
  • tight or clingy fabrics
  • rounded shoulder lines
  • gathers under the bust, suggests pregnancy

Melissa getting it right...

Melissa McCarthy is an Apple shape #appleshape #applebodyshape https://www.style-yourself-confident.com/dress-an-apple-shape.htmlMelissa McCarthy is an Apple Shape

As a petite lady Melissa McCarthy has, in the past, found it difficult to cope with her apple shape. An early photograph (left) shows Melissa in a dress that does nothing but emphasize 'width' and the softness and roundness of the upper body. 

The dress pulls tightly across the sleeves and shoulder line, the neckline is wide and a limited amount of ruching pulls across her tummy. 

Yes she's lost a bit of weight in the next photo but everything now is streamlined and vertical making her look so much taller.

A structured shoulder line with soft fabric allows plenty of movement in the sleeves and skims over the bustline drawing in neatly at her slimmest part. The drape of the fabric, the pleats in the skirt and the tie under the bust all create a vertical line which slims and lengthens the figure overall.

More than any other the Apple Body Shape needs to be conscious of the overall silhouette. Slightly wider shoulders create a more slender waistline.

Apple body shape #apple shape #Oprah Winfrey https://www.style-yourself-confident.com/apple-body-shape.html

Who says Dolly Parton is an Apple?

Now let's not insult anyone's intelligence by suggesting that Dolly Parton and Liz Hurley are typical APPLE body shapes which is what most websites will throw up!

Being an APPLE BODY SHAPE with a protruding tummy can be a real worry to some women. But fortunately, some of the best modern lines are perfect for your shape.

Wrap dresses and/or tops are always amazing and this one creates the perfect shape for stately model and actress Queen Latifah.

Ruching at the neckline and below the bust keep the interest high and define a waist. Fluidity in the lower dress helps to balance the figure. 

But... if you are a Petite Apple Shape there are a few further styling tips that might be helpful.  And of course there are loads more styling tips for other figure problems if you check out Dress for your Shape.

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