Color Analysis - 2 different results

by Victoria

Spring or Summer

Spring or Summer


I have had my colours done by two different consultants. The first consultant said I was a cool summer, and the second a clear spring, so I do feel confused to which season I fall into?


Hi Vicky

Thank you for your question, I have many ladies with this same problem and I do sympathize. I've even had one lady who had been analyzed as every season one time or another! But of course you don't have to be a Season, I use both the Tonal and the Seasonal method and it just depends on your own coloring.

I see that you're on my email group list but don't know how long you've been on there. If you're new you may not have seen the Christmas Newsletter when I pictured Joy from the USA. She had been categorized as a Summer but was actually a Warm Deep.

It's easy to say that you shouldn't pay up if you're not satisfied with a color consultation but of course that's not easy to evaluate when you're in that situation. You obviously expect a color professional to know what they're doing and it will always take you some time to get your head around the information. But I would suggest to anyone in that situation to ask the reasons for being categorized. You should be offered an explanation as to how your colorings link you to a certain Color Family.

At this point though my initial suggestion is that you try the Free Color Analysis Quiz to find your nearest Tonal color family and see if you get a result that feels like a fit.

As you are already a member of the Email group you can easily access this Quiz via the Subscribers Page

For anyone that would like to join, just pop your name Here and you can access all the free downloads and quizzes too.

After that I can only suggest an online Personal Color Analysis for individual advice - and I offer a 100% money back guarantee of your satisfaction.

You will receive a tremendous amount of advice and information, your full color profile, images etc. and a print ready color swatch. I have many very happy clients.

I do hope you find a way forward.

kind regards

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