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Your Style #159 late June 2024

Hilltop Close June 24

Hi there

I'm writing this on Friday which is Midsummer's Day, the longest day of the year. It's a glorious day with dappled sunshine in my garden and, for once, we shall be able to BBQ outside this evening.

Summer has kept us waiting this year and, no doubt, it will be short lived but for the moment who cares we will just enjoy it!

Over the centuries there have been many British Midsummer Traditions and legends connected with this special day. For thousands of years dancing has been a key part of the celebrations usually linked to sun worship and fertility. There have also been associations with the Devil! 

But much nicer than that, we saw the King and Queen attend Ascot Races in their finery and horse drawn carriage this week; this event swiftly followed by Henley Regatta and lawn tennis championship at Wimbledon. In other words it's the social season for the 'elite'; a time for flowers, extravagant hats, English tea, strawberries and cream and, of course, champagne! 

So I send you the compliments of the SUMMER from good old England and I will lift a glass of fizz to you all this evening - it will be Prosecco rather than champers but it works just the same to send my love to you X   Pamela 

Your style 159 sq

A Holiday Capsule whether you take a little or a lot? 

Whether you want to pack a little or a lot, you need a holiday capsule!

Just a carryon and don't know how to cope? Let me show you how to create 16 perfect outfits from a chic and minimal collection of separates - all color co-ordinated just for you. 

Happy to take more luggage? Then this is only the beginning. Add in some stunning clusters of color to extend your basics into a fabulous array of outfits for a longer stay!

Holiday Capsule 600

Beauty Spotlight Team - (access past editions) 

Lord & Berry Jamais! Sheer Lipstick in Sweet Talk a yummy peachy pink shade perfect for the summer. Lolas’s Secret Beauty Blog is completely obsessed with this beauty!

It's the Summer Solstice this week and already hot in Detroit, Michigan says Angie from Your True Self Blog. Check out her style tips and outfit ideas for staying cool in the heat of summer!

Get the best hair of your life! Start with a specialized treatment of HydraFacial Keravive. Barbie’s Beauty Bits calls it a 'facial for your scalp' as it cleanses, stimulates and nourishes both the scalp and hair follicles promoting much healthier-looking hair.
BST June 24
A morning glass of lemon water really can work wonders for your skin! Lemons are packed with vitamin C and other nutrients that can contribute to a healthy, glowing complexion. Let's dive into 5 amazing benefits of drinking lemon water for the skin shared by Beauty After Forty.

Pamela of Style Yourself Confident says: "Linen pants are my Summer heroes!  Let's face it, in general I'm not a dress girl and my linen (or linen blend) pants are ready to be mixed and matched for every eventuality and work in every climate!"

Online Color Analysis - the SUMMER season!

When Nina contacted me she told me she had had several color analysis' previously with different results. Out of warm spring, light spring, cool summer and light summer; she was happiest with Soft Summer. Although she found some of those colors too dark! 

I disregard past results and start from scratch and my thoughts, theory and images led me to the SUMMER season; a complex mix of Light, Muted and Cool shades. You can see below how those palettes blend highlighting the delicacy of Light, the softness of Muted and the blue tones of the Cool palette; a glorious fusion of TRUE SUMMER - reminiscent of an English country garden! 

If one of these elements takes precedence then the subtle balance is destroyed. As Soft Summer accentuates the Muted palette you can see why the colors were too dark for Nina. 

Before and After Color Analysis #beforeandaftercoloranalysis https://www.style-yourself-confident.com/before-and-after-color-analysis.html
Before and After Color Analysis #beforeandaftercoloranalysis https://www.style-yourself-confident.com/before-and-after-color-analysis.html

Nina says: "That’s all super helpful, thank you very much I love your analysis! This is the clearest analysis I've received. 😍 It was so detailed and personal! 

I suggested that finding makeup shades might be a problem! Nina replied: 

"Yes, make up is a struggle. I’m trying to find a perfect lipstick shade that is not too deep, but also not very light… so far, not much success 🤣 let me know if you have any specific recommendations."

My suggestion was to use a stronger color lip liner and infill with a lighter shade, that removes any heavy color. Nina: 

"Thanks for clarifying!!! That makes perfect sense." 🤔

She queried the color of some tops with me too and I was able to point out that they were ALL included in the Summer palette as you see above! 

It just shows that Nina's instincts were proving to be a perfect fit with the TRUE SUMMER palette. Nina, UK   (see more before and after here...)

with love Pamela x

Celebrate Spring!

Color Analysis SPRING #coloanalysisspring https://www.style-yourself-confident.com/seasonal-color-analysis-spring.html
6 ways to wear Spring colors #wearspringcolors https://www.style-yourself-confident.com/wear-spring-colors.html
Spring Neutrals #springneutrals https://www.style-yourself-confident.com/spring-neutrals.html
Spring Lifestyle! #springlifestyle https://www.style-yourself-confident.com/spring-lifestyle.html

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You style 160 sq
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