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Your Style #153  Easter 2024

Hi there

A long winter then suddenly it's the end of March with Easter next week!

Spring may come quickly in some parts of the world, but over here in the UK it makes us wait. We see a few new shoots, a little sunshine, get excited (!) then it withdraws and leaves us with wind and rain again. Our weather can be extremely frustrating but when the sunshine arrives it certainly puts a smile on our faces! 

Regardless of when any warm weather decides to arrive we need to be prepared particularly if you have an occasion or holiday looming. Probably time for a closet cleanout!

It seems quite a while since we have the Color Analysis competition but I'm delighted to introduce you to Julie, our very deserved winner! We're looking at her colors and next time we'll be hearing what she's discovered about her body shape. 

Have a wonderful Easter with friends and family - love Pamela x

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Spring style? Let's look to Paris! 

Think French fashion style and the words CHIC and STYLE immediately come to mind. 

Every French woman appears to be born with effortless style and poise and the innate ability to make it entirely fuss-free! She chooses key pieces and basics make up most of her looks.   

A Frenchwoman never buys in panic but assembles a wardrobe of quality classics that she will wear on repeat.  LESS IS ALWAYS MORE!

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Beauty Spotlight Team 

As the days get longer and the flowers start to bloom, many of us are thinking about getting in shape for the warmer months ahead. But before you hop on the Cool Sculpting bandwagon, let's take a closer look at what Barbie's Beauty Bits has to say about gone wrong cool sculpting before and after.

To help you get through this Spring with good health, peace and calm, Angie at Your True Self Blog has listed what supplements can help with immunity and stress.
Your Style 153 #coloranalysis #bodyshape #fashionstyle https://www.style-yourself-confident.com/your-style-153.html
Peter Thomas Roth Water Drench Hyaluronic Cloud Cream Hydrating Moisturizer is a luscious mid-weight Hyaluronic Acid-based gel cream that deeply hydrates and plumps the skin leaving it soft, smooth and supple. Lola's Secret Beauty Blog is obsessed with its efficacy and thinks that you will be too.

My contribution gives you another opportunity to discover the most flattering Shades of Green for your natural coloring. It's a hot color on the High Street! 

Health and Beauty Tips for Spring

Some gentle words and timely health and beauty tips for Spring and Summer, as the weather finally allows us to look ahead!

Terry Herman, an expert and writer in the field of Health and Wellness, writes from the heart in Terry's Spa Beauty and Wellness.

We're reminded of the healthy balance between nature and our own mind, body and spirit. We're just part of the big picture and, at times, just need to stop  and 'smell the roses'!

Your Style 153 #coloranalysis #bodyshape #fashionstyle https://www.style-yourself-confident.com/your-style-153.html

Color Analysis competition winner! Julie is Warm! 

The winner of the competition was Julie from New Zealand. Her response was inspiring and I think many of you may associate with her words!

"I am about to turn 50 in a few weeks. Ill-health and the ensuing treatment over the last few years has changed my body shape, my hair colouring (now greying) and my outlook on life! I believe life is for living and I want to embrace my future with energy and a wardrobe of colour that brings life to my appearance too!"

Many years ago she was determined Spring and then Soft Autumn! Confusing, even then, as she combined a career with raising a family but at least she had some idea of colors that suited her. Once both the menopause and ill health hit, she found herself with graying hair and a completely different body shape. Few of her existing clothes fitted and she had no idea what colors or intensity to choose. Furthermore, although she hoped for some color, she had inwardly accepted that soft and muted colors 'would be best'   

In spite of these difficulties, Julie's positivity and 'glass half full' attitude resonated with me immediately!  

Your Style 153 #coloranalysis #bodyshape #fashionstyle https://www.style-yourself-confident.com/your-style-153.htmlDistinguishing between a Warm and Cool undertone

During Color Analysis I disregard any previous direction! From the outset it was easy to see that Julie's coloring responded to the Warm side of the spectrum and, on further examination, I determined that Spring colors are too harsh and the Autumn colors are far too heavy for her complexion. 

Your Style 153 #coloranalysis #bodyshape #fashionstyle https://www.style-yourself-confident.com/your-style-153.htmlAssessing the difference between 3 Warm color palettes

She has Warm undertones which have remained even though her hair has transitioned into gray. The Seasons do not work for Julie but the WARM color palette (one of the Tonal Color Families) echoes the mellow but strong warmth in her natural coloring. There are both strong and soft shades in every color family and there is always one that's just perfect for you!

Julie now says: "A huge thank you for the analysis. Over the last couple of weeks, I've been pulling out some of the brighter warm coloured clothing that has languished in the back of my closet for too long. Some of them have been happy reminders of the fun in wearing colour, others have not worked so well but with your comments and analysis in the back of my mind I can look at them with fresh eyes and figure out if it is the fit or the colour that is not working for me - and happily let some clothing items go so that a new owner can get joy from them.

Your Style 153 #coloranalysis #bodyshape #fashionstyle https://www.style-yourself-confident.com/your-style-153.htmlJulie's Color Profile

The timing was also wonderful. It is coming into autumn here in New Zealand and the shops are filling up with rusty reds, greens, browns and caramels and cream colours. It's a perfect time for me to browse the shops, complete with my colour palette and to try some new colours in my wardrobe." Julie, NZ

Next time I'll show you how we looked at the changes in Julie's body shape! 

with love Pamela x

4 sets of Neutral

Shades of grey 600
Cool Neutrals 600
Warm neutrals 400
Spring neutrals 500

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Pamela x

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