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Your Style #136 June 2023

Hi there

I'm back refreshed from my wonderful vacation in Mauritius. Beautiful sunshine at times but lots of tropical rain at others! No doubt that weather is changing globally which means we need to be more prepared for the unexpected wherever we go!

The UK enjoyed a heatwave while we were away which I'm pleased to say is still continuing, hopefully through to Midsummer's Day on 24th June, always a lovely time to party! 

Packing for a vacation changes slightly as we get older. Comfort and practicality is far more important than having 14 different outfits. So I've been looking at some smart strategies and a couple of capsule ideas to fire your imagination. 

Also please enjoy some great sunshine features from my colleagues of the Beauty Spotlight Team.  Pamela X

Your style 136 sq

Smart Packing Strategies

Whatever kind of vacation you're planning, some smart packing strategies will ensure that your preparation is stress-free!     

For mature travellers, comfort and practicality is more important than it used to be and we're sensible enough to realize that we don't actually need 14 different outfits to look effortlessly stylish!   

Smart packing strategies

Holiday Capsule Wardrobe 

Creating a holiday capsule wardrobe is the most useful and practical way to plan for vacation. Take the angst out of your packing and use my plan for a travel-light getaway or as a base for a longer stay!

There are TWO COLORWAYS to take the angst out of your packing so whatever your coloring there's one just right for YOU! 

Keep costs down by fitting everything into a carryon (no luggage to check) and you're ready for an impromptu weekend, or longer still if you're happy to travel light!  

Holiday Capsule 600

The Beauty Spotlight Team 

As a part of her Animal-Print Outfits Series, Angie at Your True Self Blog shares Over 50 outfit ideas for ways to wear animal print skirts and pants. Age doesn’t matter!

Pedestrian Project Walker’s Cream is an incredible non-greasy game-changer that leaves rough and dry feet soft, smooth and moisturized. Lola's Secret Beauty Blog highly recommends this wondrous cruelty-free gem.

Thinking about a lightweight sunscreen for Summer? Allison from Never Say Die Beauty received a box from Paula's Choice with two options, one an old favorite and the other something totally new!
BST 136

"Your Color Analysis is such a distinctive system!"

THANK YOU SO MUCH!! So helpful and makes so much sense. There is not one color in that palette I cannot wear and love the look of it all! I am naturally drawn to those colors but had learned to stick to the light Summer palette; makes me look so washed out; and the Clear Winter analysis I immediately knew something was not quite right!  

Being in a Tonal palette makes so much more sense and I am so glad I reached out. I've read COOL on your website as well and again it is an exact description of my coloring. I will feel so much easier shopping for clothes. Your's is a very distinctive system! Marie-Eve, NZ 

B and A Marie-Eve

Pamela says: If you look at Marie-Eve's coloring you will see that her natural hair color probably looks darker against the blonde than it really is. But it does have a good contrast against the rest of her features and although her eyes are light they are beautifully bright! All in all, her coloring is far too well defined for the dusky softness of Summer. The Winter palette, however, she found far too strong. Fortunately, there is a solution and I was able to confirm that Marie-Eve sits perfectly in the COOL palette, one of the Tonal color families.  

See more Color Analysis pics...

with love Pamela x

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Allow 'Your Style' to visit you!

The latest features on Color Analysis, Body Shape and Style to your Inbox, twice monthly.

Plus a Free copy of my book 'Shortcut to Style', it works for you, whatever your age shape or size! 

Pamela x

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