Smart Packing Strategies
for the mature traveller!

Whatever kind of vacation you're planning, some smart packing strategies will ensure that your preparation is stress-free!     

For mature travellers, comfort and practicality is more important than it used to be and we're sensible enough to realize that we don't actually need 14 different outfits to look effortlessly stylish!   

If you're an adventure traveller with a weight limit, then packing efficiently is even more crucial to ensure a comfortable and convenient journey while including all your travel and fashion essentials.   

Smart packing strategies #smartpacking #holidaypacking

Smart packing strategies - the checklist! 

Efficient packing can significantly enhance your experience as a mature traveller,  allowing you to focus on the joys of exploring new destinations. Create a comprehensive checklist of the essential items tailored to your travel needs:

  • Clothing - substitute where you can with lighter weight items, e.g. are denim jeans necessary for a tropical holiday or would comfy cotton leggings or shorts do the trick. 
  • Use travel sized containers for toiletries and cosmetics. A bar of soap and shampoo bar are useful. Be aware that if you use perfume it may attract mosquitoes.   
  • Electronics; ensure that you have the correct adapters for the relevant country. Hair stylers, razors etc. can be packed in luggage; Iphone, laptop and ipad should be protected and packed in your carryon so they can be removed at Customs. Switch off data roaming on your phone unless you want to run up a big bill!
  • Holiday first-aid kit - sun cream which can be expensive abroad, pain relief tablets, antihistamine tablets/cream, insect repellent, diarrhoea tablets, oral rehydration salts, indigestion tablets, antiseptic cream and box of plasters. 
Smart packing strategies #smartpacking #holidaypacking small containers for toiletries and cosmetics

Choosing the right luggage

Selecting the right luggage is an important factor and can greatly contribute to a more comfortable and hassle-free experience. Match luggage to your needs. 

  • Choose lightweight and easy-to-handle luggage to avoid problems with lifting. Luggage with spinner wheels are convenient companions as they are easily maneuverable. A backpack can be heavy, consider packing your stuff in a wheeled bag.  
  • Once you've used Packing Cubes you'll never be without them. Maximise space by keeping similar items together; dresses in one cube, separates or beachwear in another; dirty washing is packed separately on the way home. Just imagine if you're touring how convenient it would be to pack complete outfits for a particular leg of your holiday.
  • A travel bag that slots onto your roller case (as I'm using here) is so neat.

Selecting and co-ordinate your clothing

It's a smart packing strategy to co-ordinate your clothes - you'll pack lighter without compromising your style. Here are tips on how you can choose the right outfits for your trip.

  • Choose Versatile Clothing items like the basic holiday capsule (below) ready to mix and match creating various outfits for different occasions and activities. You might even like a holiday capsule for your color season!
  • Crease free fabrics are low maintenance, quick drying and will allow you to look fresh all the time.  
  • Layer Your Clothes so you can adapt to different weather conditions at your destination. I never travel without a couple of scarves which serve duty as an evening coverup and add warmth when flying. 
  • Just a few Statement Accessories will elevate your outfits. A clutch bag and a pretty pair of pretty sandals; a couple of necklaces, earrings etc. plus of course scarves as above.  

Fitting it all in!

Implementing these smart packing strategies will save space and ensure efficient organization. Consider these techniques to save on space.

  • Roll Your Clothes instead of folding them; saves space and minimizes wrinkles.
  • Use Compression Bags or vacuum bags to reduce the volume of bulkier items. 
  • Don't waste space; put socks inside shoes, fit underclothes round bulkier items. 
  • Use small pouches for items you need to locate quickly on arrival such as tablets or swimwear. 
Smart packing strategies #smartpacking #holidaypacking works well to avoid creasing

Ensuring your safety and comfort

Ensure your safety and comfort no matter how you travel! All these items will be useful whether you're sightseeing, staying in a hotel or attending events and social gatherings.  

  • Wear comfortable clothes and footwear, for travel and sight-seeing.  
  • Compression socks will promote better circulation during flights.  
  • A versatile travel scarf or wrap can double as a blanket, shawl, or sarong can be useful in many situations and environments. 


  • A reusable water bottle to stay hydrated. 
  • Keep physical and Digital Copies of Important Documents close to hand - travel documents, identification cards, passports, emergency contact information and a little cash.  
  • Travel sized Electronics will minimize space and clutter in your carry-on. 
  • Keep maintenance medication plus headache pills and plasters in your bag. 
  • A small fan is heaven for when those hot moments hit you, either battery or handheld.   

All done! Now relax and enjoy!

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