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Your Style #133 Mid April 2023

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Spring is bustin' out all over! So even if I'm in a chilly UK then we still have to look ahead and make the most of the sunshine.

Whatever your natural coloring, you can bring any outfit to life with a splash of color close to your face. Dominique Sachse's video shows 10 fabulous ways to wear a Spring scarf.  Take the prettiest shades from your own color palette and see what a difference it makes! 

Are you still undecided about your Color Family? Then start here and take a look at how easy it is to find your closest Seasonal colors. It may not be the ultimate in personal Color Analysis but everyone has a Seasonal color palette they can wear and enjoy. 

It's the third week of the month and time for the Beauty Spotlight Team! Check out the great articles from my colleagues on the team. Enjoy! 

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Wear a Spring scarf 10 ways

Time was when scarves were just made to keep us warm. Or when my mother copied the Queen in country mode wearing a square silk scarf tied beneath the chin. We certainly didn't wear scarves in the Spring and Summer!

You can add magic and color, shape and movement, softness or sophistication and undoubtedly, flair. 

You can even use a scarf to influence your body shape.


Find your Season

You can, of course, go straight to the Free Seasonal Color quiz but it's far more rewarding if you understand how the seasons work. 

So let me show YOU how to find your nearest Season and identify the colors to make you look and feel more attractive? It doesn't have to be complicated!

Which celebrity do you most look like? Which color outfits are you drawn to? 

The 4 Seasons #color analysis #seasonalcoloranalysis #the4seasons https://www.style-yourself-confident.com/the-4-seasons.html

The Beauty Spotlight Team

Spongelle Morning Bloom Private Reserve Candle in Coconut Verbena is the embodiment of a summer breeze, and Lola's Secret Beauty Blog thinks it's the perfect Mother's Day gift.

After neglecting her hair for so long, Allison from Never Say Die Beauty, discovered leave-in drops, Masami Mekabu Shine Serum that totally hydrated and transformed her hair.

Angie from Your True Self Blog is sharing a simple idea to give you a beautiful warm-weather look. Check out How to create classy outfits with summery fabrics. Age doesn’t matter!
BST 15.4.23
Diamonds are a girl's best friend, right? Well, gemstones are Barbie's skin's best friend!Gemstone facial rollers from GEM PWR are becoming increasingly popular in the world of skincare with the ability to reduce puffiness, increase circulation, and promote lymphatic drainage. Want to take your skincare routine to the next level? Discover the fantastic benefits of gemstone facial rollers and how to use them with Barbie's Beauty Bits.

Your Online Color Analysis - The COOL Color Family

In most Color Analysis', a new color palette is rarely a complete surprise. Most women are drawn to certain colors but don't know why. Renee felt her most comfortable in solid colors, especially bright navy. She just wasn't aware that it was the perfect starting point to co-ordinate with the brilliant Cool colors that suit her so well.   

"Thank you, the detailed color analysis is impressive. To think that I have spent most of my life wearing the wrong colors and finally found the true me - Cool! I love all the colors and having them on my phone is great. So helpful to see the color families encircling my face."

B and A Renee

"You mention that shades of navy and grey are good for me as as I favor plainer/tailored outfits. Navy IS my go-to for basics and the jewel tones will really pick up my wardrobe. I enjoy clear blues, purples and Chinese blue and I look forward to exploring soft greens.

Happy to see a variety of reds, pinks and magenta too as they give me energy when I need a boost to tackle my day. Images showing various color combinations, casual and tailored examples are very helpful." Renee, USA 

Check out more pics and comments following Color Analysis...

with love Pamela x

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Allow 'Your Style' to visit you!

The latest features on Color Analysis, Body Shape and Style to your Inbox, twice monthly.

Plus a Free copy of my book 'Shortcut to Style', it works for you, whatever your age shape or size! 

Pamela x

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