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Your Style #131 Mid March Mag - 2023

Hi there

It's Mother's Day in the UK this weekend and I'm exploring the importance of PINK!! Even if it's not your favorite check it out because every woman needs to know her best pinks!  

I'm also including my take on Green (in the right column) recognizing St Patrick's Day! It's a hot color this year and there's a shade to suit everyone.  

I've had a busy couple of weeks with a birthday, daughter's birthday and lots of lovely treats! I've been to the theatre to see two vastly different productions - Swan Lake by the Varda Ballet and 'Anything but Love' with all the fabulous rock music of Meat Loaf and Jim Steinman, both amazing performances. I have varied tastes! 

I've got updated technology on phone and Alexa (trying to master both) but, most excitingly I have a new digital piano. You may remember that I started to play piano as a senior only last Summer and, as I'm progressing, I feel ready for an upgrade on my starter keyboard. Phew! 

Monday 21st March marks the beginning of Spring! Enjoy the new season X 

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Simply Pink! 

It's Mother's Day this Sunday (in the UK) so there's going to be a lot of PINK around this weekend.

Whether it's baby sweet or hot and shocking we all assume the 'girly' connotation and yet every woman certainly doesn't favor the color PINK.

SO whether you're a girly girl or not every woman needs to know the best shades of pink to flatter her coloring and bring her complexion to life! 

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The Beauty Spotlight Team

I'm not an expert on beauty and skincare, so posts from the Beauty Spotlight Team give me the opportunity to bring you some very worthwhile product recommendations, reviews and special offers. Thank you ladies! 

Alison from Never Say Die Beauty has been using City Lips for plumper, softer lips for more than 10 years, but reports on a brand new product. City Lips Night Oil has just been launched and you can get 15% off the $39 price ticket!

Lola's Secret Beauty Blog has extolled the many virtues of the Current Body Skin LED Light Therapy Mask, and if you are seeking rejuvenated skin this at-home device is worthy of your consideration.
Beauty Spotlight Team
So you have a skincare routine but want to up your game to something a bit more aggressive. Well look no further as Barbie's Beauty Bits shares a safe and effective way to rejuvenate your skin...Chemical peeling. Youthful skin is just a peel away!

Cargo pants are a top choice for women's utility looks in 2023 and comfort rules! Angie from Your True Self talks about Cargo pants and how to make them new again. Age doesn't matter as comfort rules with baggy legs, longer hems, maximum pocket space and most especially a much higher waistline than the super low-cut versions of the past.

Dress to look taller! 

Many women, regardless of their height, would like to look taller! 

It's not not just Petite women who like to create the illusion of height. For many, it's to do with increasing confidence and charisma.

There's no magic wand to stretch you but there are lots of simple tricks you can use to visually influence the eye and help yourself to appear taller.

Dress to look taller

Your Online Color Analysis - The Muted Color Family

Although you frequently hear me saying that your colors rarely change as we get older, there is the odd time that they do!   

Some years ago I determined Carol Autumn, a mix of Warm Deep and Muted, and she looked great in the rich colorway. But as her complexion softened she found she was focusing on the softer Muted colors. 

So we looked at the Muted Color Family as a whole and found that, although she was losing some of the brighter colors, there were several new soft and cooler shades that she could now enjoy.


Transitioning from a Season to a Tonal color family can work quite easily as just one of the elements takes center stage over the other and as Carol says:

"Pamela understood that as I got older I felt that many of the Autumn colors were no longer working for me. Many of the colors seemed too bright and overpowering. My new colors in the Muted range seem to blend with my coloring and the whole me seems to shine. I feel that some people do well with their original designated palette forever, but others need to change." See more..Carol, USA

with love Pamela x

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