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Your Style #120 - mid August 2022

Hi there!

So many people looking ahead to Autumn, but Summer is all too short so I'm not ready to wish it away! When my children were young I treasured the holidays, it's so sad when mothers wish that precious time away. Even now our noisy boisterous family times are special - although with the amount that everyone eats I'm quite pleased to see them go again!

Make the most of the end of Summer and decide to do something special while you can; meet up with old friends, take the trip you've been promising yourself or just go on a picnic! Enjoy wearing your best and prettiest Summer clothes.  

Talking of SUMMER CLOTHES - not much been happening in Your Style Gallery lately, so why not share your favorite Summer outfit?? Your activities are different so too will be your choice of outfit! We'll take a look next month.  

We're hoping to get away for a few days next week to enjoy some sea breezes so I hope you too make the most of the last few weeks of a lazy hazy Summer! 

Meltproof Makeup when it's sizzling! 

Yes there are products out there that can keep you looking bandbox fresh for hours at a time.

Whether it’s the heat of Summer or a red carpet occasion; perhaps you're trying to keep your cool at an emotional moment or just weather an everyday hot flush/flash, take a few extra minutes to prepare and you’ll be sure to hold onto your composure.

Lazy hazy Summer days #summerdays #colorshapestyle #coloranalysis https://www.style-yourself-confident.com

Petite Style

The petite style tips you normally see around tend to be quite generalized while we, of course, are all different!

We may all be slightly shorter in stature but we each have our own ideas of how we want to look and feel. Some petite women would like to look and feel taller while others embrace their petite self!

Lazy hazy Summer days #summerdays #colorshapestyle #coloranalysis https://www.style-yourself-confident.com

Color Analysis in Nature

Color Analysis in nature creates complete HARMONY!

Have you ever looked at a landscape and seen colors that clash with each other? Or spotted a wildflower that isn’t at one with it’s surroundings? Wherever we look we can witness the most stunning and exquisite color palettes.

In spite of our changing world nature will continue to adapt.  

Lazy hazy Summer days #summerdays #colorshapestyle #coloranalysis https://www.style-yourself-confident.com

Your Color Analysis and great colortips from Joy

I love it when so many of you keep in touch long after we've worked together on your colors - and it is very definitely a working partnership. 

Color Analysis is not just about appearance but takes into account your background, your emotions and your comfort zone - without that input I would not be able to look past your appearance alone. 

I analyzed Joy's colors many years ago and it was wonderful to hear from her recently with some very cleverly thought out tricks to keep her wardrobe running smoothly. I think her strategy is genius! Joy says: 

"I can't thank you enough for finding my true colors and I have recommended you many times to other women. I struggled for a while finding how to pull together my Summer season but now I am on a roll! My hair is now silver and my summer colors really do shine!

FYI, one trick I have found helpful is when I find a color that works - periwinkle blue for example, I buy a top in that color for each need- very casual, business casual, dressy, very dressy. Once I figure out an outfit formula with that color I can take it from very casual to very dressy easily. Right now I have a blue capsule of tops and a berry capsule of tops.

So, thanks again for your amazing color insights and for the in depth reports you send!" Joy, USA

Thank you so much for that brilliant tip Joy! There are lots of other positive comments in Testimonials!

with love Pamela x

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Lazy hazy Summer days #summerdays #colorshapestyle #coloranalysis https://www.style-yourself-confident.com
Lazy hazy Summer days #summerdays #colorshapestyle #coloranalysis https://www.style-yourself-confident.com
Lazy hazy Summer days #summerdays #colorshapestyle #coloranalysis https://www.style-yourself-confident.com
Lazy hazy Summer days #summerdays #colorshapestyle #coloranalysis https://www.style-yourself-confident.com

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