Your Style Magazine #111
February 2022

Hi there!

February is such a miserable month in the UK, grey and damp but the snowdrops are up so the rhythm of life continues! 

Two of my family suffered with Covid and have completely recovered. We have to keep being careful but hopefully brighter days are ahead.

You can tell I'm an eternal optimist, I like to see the good in people and look for better days around the corner. Of course I get down like everyone else but, fortunately, my family then repeat the mantra back to me. It helps, what goes round comes round! 

It's all about the HIPS!

Know your HIP SHAPE? Then it's easy to find your Body Type. 

There are only 2 basic hip shapes and they are easy to identify. It has nothing to do with SIZE it's just your SHAPE that counts

Don't worry if you're not as slender as the pictures here, we're only looking at basic bone structure. It's really easy to find your Hip Shape... then Body Type here we come!

All about the Hips, Shades of Purple and much more... #hipshapes #shadesofpurple

Shades of Purple - Very Peri?

Looking at one of my favorite colors today - Shades of Purple. 

Very Peri may be Pantone's color of the year but there's already a vast amount of purple products in the stores for both fashion and interior decor. 

So today I'm going to look at ALL the shades of PURPLE - lots to enjoy! 

All about the Hips, Shades of Purple and much more... #hipshapes #shadesofpurple

Capsule Work Wardrobe

Why not use a Capsule Work Wardrobe to amp up your workplace presentation for the New Year?

You don't need a new wardrobe just take a little time to assess what you have and how it will streamline your look and raise your confidence.  

All about the Hips, Shades of Purple and much more... #hipshapes #shadesofpurple

Summer colors in Winter

Don't worry because your beautiful color palette is not just for the floaty or lightweight garments of high Summer!

This is a wide range of subtle almost sensual shades and all of the colors will happily lend themselves to the heavier items you need for the colder months.  

All about the Hips, Shades of Purple and much more... #hipshapes #shadesofpurple

Queen Victoria's fashion legacy

A beautiful young Queen who loved and wore clothes and jewelry liberally was a massive influence on her subjects.

Setting trends and insisting that all her clothes and those of her courtiers were made in Britain gave a huge to British industry and trade. 

All about the Hips, Shades of Purple and much more... #hipshapes #shadesofpurple

From my Postbag - Hair color for a Cool Winter

Q  I am a 60 something Cool Winter looking for a hair color recommendation.

In my youth, I had dark hair, light skin, and green eyes with blue gray rims. I am 99% all silver now and looking for a suitable hair color. I am concerned that a dark brown color will be too stark for my age and medium ash will look dull and flat. Suggestions are appreciated.

Click image to see my ANSWER. 

All about the Hips, Shades of Purple and much more... #hipshapes #shadesofpurple

Your Color Analysis pics - Autumn

Michelle was a recent candidate for Color Analysis and amongst the comments she sent back to me was this: 

"At one point on your website you connected color palettes to nature. So intriguing, the results on my coloring are also my color preferences for other things besides wardrobe pieces. My home is also decorated in Autumn colors. It's interesting how one’s colors penetrate beyond the superficial."

Your natural coloring is an entirely organic process genetically designed by nature! And it's entirely justified that your choice of colors is influenced by your personal coloring!

We are all different and many people don't conform to the Seasons but there are 6 beautiful Tonal color families there ready to catch you if you fail to respond to the Seasons.

Check out Color Analysis in Nature which stimulated Michelle's comments. See more of her comments in Testimonials.. 

All about the Hips, Shades of Purple and much more... #hipshapes #shadesofpurple

Have a great month and Happy Valentine!

with love Pamela x

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