Hair color for a Cool Winter

by Janet


I am a 60 something Cool Winter looking for a hair color recommendation.

In my youth, I had dark hair, light skin, and green eyes with blue gray rims. I am 99% all silver now and looking for a suitable hair color. I am concerned that a dark brown color will be too stark for my age and medium ash will look dull and flat. Suggestions are appreciated.


Hi Janet

There's no doubt that when hair color transitions then skin loses color too. And so yes I think you're right in that dark brown may well look stark against your complexion.

You're obviously finding it difficult to adjust to grey hair but my advice would be not to jump into a distinct color change quickly. Try to work with what you have initially. A Cool Winter will usually look fabulous with her silver hair so aim to make the most of it with all the shampoos, conditioners, toners etc. that are available to add shine and brightness. Consult a hair stylist for suggestions, perhaps some brighter silver highlights would give a brighter impression.

You can of course add color if you wish as long as you stick to Cool tones. But any added color will fade and will frequently leave a brassy note on cool hair requiring constant upkeep. Even adding darker lowlights may not work. In either case I would suggest talking to your stylist as attempting home color from grey to a stronger tone can be difficult.

Take a look at some of the stories in Real Women Going Grey and see how others have faced this problem.

Good luck
kind regards

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