Your Style 081 - August 2019

Color Analysis, Body Shape and Style - Style Yourself Confident newsletter #081 August 2019 #coloranalysis #bodyshape

Hi there!

Love the quote above - seems we've always complained about the English weather!

Last week was so intensely hot that it was difficult to cope. Fortunately, we have air-con in the master bedroom (thanks to the previous owners) so it was very tempting to stay in bed! 

I'm sure many of you will laugh but that kind of heat is so unusual in the UK and, for once, we're welcoming back our much cooler Summer temperatures.

August is a special month in our family, lots of birthdays, anniversaries and get-togethers. I hope you are all as fortunate as me and able to spend quality time with your own special friends or family during the holiday season.

So let's accelerate your August style!

Color Analysis, Body Shape and Style - Style Yourself Confident newsletter #081 August 2019 #coloranalysis #bodyshape

6 ways to wear Spring colors

OK you're a Spring! You know that Spring colors look fabulous every season of the year - but do you know how to begin putting them together?

6 ways to wear Spring colors:

  • Just stay neutral
  • Starting out with color
  • Ready to add more colors
  • How to 'do' prints
  • Matching your color palette
  • Yes you can still feel like YOU!
6 ways to wear Spring Colors #springcolors

Create a Mini Chanel Capsule

Like to create a mini Chanel Capsule like mine for your vacation? 

With just a couple of matching items you can create a clever and stylish set of co-ordinates. My poolside outfit was versatile enough to take me from the beach, to lunch, to drinks and even to dinner.

It might sound fanciful, but the outfit suddenly reminded me of vintage photos I'd seen of Chanel in the fashionable resorts of Deauville and Biarritz during the 1920's.

Create a Mini Chanel Capsule like mine   #chanel #capsulewardrobe

Flatter your Pear shape

Pear Shape? Worrying about your hipline?

There's no need to cover up in the sunshine, just learn to balance your beautiful curves and dress to your advantage . 

We're all different shapes and sizes and it's easy to copy my logical style tricks so you can choose the most flattering shapes for your figure.

How would you dress a PEAR shape?

How to choose Warm Makeup

Have you been determined SPRING or AUTUMN? Or perhaps you belong to the WARM Color Family? In each case, you have a Warm or golden undertone to your skin. 

Perhaps you don't know if this relates to you at all but I'm sure you know a few colors that make you feel happy. It's easy to link them through to your makeup...

Color Analysis, Body Shape and Style - Style Yourself Confident newsletter #081 August 2019 #coloranalysis #bodyshape

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Think you can't wear RED? There are shades in every color palette so that everyone can enjoy RED and look their best.  #wearred #redshades

Your Color Analysis...  - it's feeling like YOU!

This month I feature Lilian from Brazil and Veronica from Norway who have both recently had Color Analysis. 

Color Analysis has nothing to do with fashion, it's an entirely natural process because your natural coloring was decided by Nature at the moment of your conception. I'm able to pick up 'nature's clues' and translate them into a color palette that complements your coloring and allows you to look your best.

Therefore, with a new color palette you will LOOK and FEEL just like YOU - but better!

Lilian and Veronica had both had previous analysis' but neither felt comfortable with the results. If you've had the same experience remember that I offer a 100% guarantee of satisfaction for your Color Analysis. Read more in Before and After Color Analysis.

Color Analysis - before and after #coloranalysis #onlinecoloranalysis #beforeandaftercoloranalysis"This analysis is far more complete..."
Color Analysis - before and after #coloranalysis #onlinecoloranalysis #beforeandaftercoloranalysis

Until next time

Pamela x

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