Your Style 077 - April 2019

Style Yourself Confident newsletter April 2019 #coloranalysis #fashionstyle

Hi there!

Well another birthday down - but the trees are shooting in the garden so who cares about numbers?  

Thank you so much for your continued support of the website. I'm so happy that you find it helpful and enjoyable. More than that, I love and value the friendship and warmth that you offer in your messages. 

Please, please be careful to check that your email address is correct at all times otherwise I can't reply to you. 

One more thing!!!  If you've bought a fabric Color Swatch from me and I've forgotten to send you the digital version, please accept my apologies and send a message to let me know. I'm happy to forward it on.

Style Yourself Confident newsletter April 2019 #coloranalysis #fashionstyle

Shades of Green

Forget the neon brights on the fashion runways and forget St Patrick's Day because we're not all Irish; but there are so many fabulous shades of green in the stores and there's one that's just right for YOU! 

Identifying the best shade can, however, cause confusion when all you want to know is which one to choose to look your best.  

Identifying Warm from Cool is easy - once you understand.

Style Yourself Confident newsletter April 2019 #coloranalysis #fashionstyle

Meal Planning for your Closet!

If you enjoy cooking or baking then you'll love this analogy. A Style Challenge is a meal plan for your wardrobe.

Do you plan your meals for the week ahead?  What a difference it makes when I do that. Pull out recipes for ideas, check the freezer and cupboard and make up the shopping list. No duplications and we eat 'proper' meals more or less on time! 

This is EXACTLY how a Style Challenge works! 

You have a shopping list (ingredients) shop your closet (pantry) then fill in the blanks with what you need. Every day you have a new outfit idea (recipe) to create from the pieces.

You don't need a lot of clothes just need to know how to pair them up. It makes getting dressed every day a no-brainer!

2 Spring Style Challenges are currently available

Kettlewell Magic!

This is such fun and inspirational!

Click the image RIGHT and it takes you to a completely interactive tool that changes the colors of the outfit just for you.

Choose the Spring outfit you like best and it will show you alternative color choices for your own Seasonal palette. 

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Style Yourself Confident newsletter April 2019 #coloranalysis #fashionstyle
Style Yourself Confident newsletter April 2019 #coloranalysis #fashionstyle
Style Yourself Confident newsletter April 2019 #coloranalysis #fashionstyle
Style Yourself Confident newsletter April 2019 #coloranalysis #fashionstyle

Your Color Analysis...  - "it's a Mom thing..."

Each month I show a couple of recent Online Color Analysis results. 

McKaylee and Bella (siblings with entirely different coloring) were gifted Online Color Analysis by their Mom following her own analysis - their initial reaction was 'it's a Mom thing'. Yes Color Analysis has been around for a while but it doesn't have to be old fashioned or inflexible. 

The girls were actually quite amazed when they saw photos and realized that their favorite and instinctive choices were included in their color palettes. Read more

Style Yourself Confident newsletter April 2019 #coloranalysis #fashionstyle
Style Yourself Confident newsletter April 2019 #coloranalysis #fashionstyle

Happy Easter everyone

Pamela x

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