Wearing more than one color family


I did the online test and I think I am the light color family. Years ago I found out that I am a summer. Can I wear the light colors and the summer colors?


Hello Luana

You're pretty much in the right direction. You may have been analyzed with the Seasonal method and my Color Analysis is based on the Tonal system.

It's impossible to be completely accurate with what has to be a generic quiz of course.

The LIGHT color family has elements of both Warm and Cool, in other words it includes the lightest colors from both Spring and Summer.

Summer colors are Light Cool and Soft while Spring colors are Light Warm and Bright. But they both have colors that are primarily light in pigment.

There are very few Summers who can't take most of the Light colors although you may find that the pinks are better against your complexion than the peaches.

I see that you've bought the Light Color Brief and you may be comparing these colors with what you were told years ago about the Summer season.

All it means is that there are an additional few Warm tones and they may be very pretty on you. If they don't feel right then stick to the cooler tones of Summer.

I hope I've explained that clearly enough to say that yes, enjoy all the colors.

Hope that helps,

kind regards

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