Warm but not enough Colors to work with!

by Margaret

Warm color palette

Warm color palette


Help. I am fed up of going shopping and not being able to choose the right clothing. I have had my colours done before and came out as Warm. I was given a limited selection of colours that really didn't help. I have virtually stopped buying clothes because I seem to be unable to pull a wardrobe together and get fed up of wasting money.

Hello Margaret

So sorry to hear of the problems you're having. It's very sad that after a Color Analysis consultation you seem to be in such a puzzle. No Color Consultant should take your money and leave you in such a quandrary.

Perhaps you could re-approach the consultant and ask her if she could explain further - particularly as your color palette is so limited.

I don't approve of limited color palettes. As you see above the Warm Color Swatch has 45 fabulous colors and even then they're to be used as a blending tool so that you can tap into the thousands of different shades between each color - it should be like an artist's palette. It's just the main characteristic that holds them all together.

Take a look at how-to-use your color swatch and you will see that you don't have to exactly match shades.

Above also is the fabulous array of colors that are manufactured in a range of separates by Kettlewell Colours - and if you are Warm this is the sort of color palette you should be able to enjoy. So take a look just for inspiration.

I actually hear from lots of ladies who have been analyzed several times and had different results each time! That's what gets the whole business a bad name.

Check out the Testimonials page where you'll see women who have been analyzed in several different ways in the past.

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Click into the last edition of the Newsletter and if you like what you see just add your name to the box at the bottom of the page. I usually include photos of ladies following an Online Color Analysis.

kind regards

PS We've corresponded privately now Margaret but I'm putting this on the Questions and Answers page to help others.

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