Thought I'd be Deep but I'm Cool...

by Annie


Hi there - really enjoying your site, thank you so much!

I'm finding it hard to believe I'm cool, I thought I would be deep? I don't have eyes that stand out at all...often just call them 'mud brown'! I have very dark hair, brown eyes with grey rim, olivey skin (although I wouldn't say golden, more a skin that tans very easily, when I was younger I looked more Asian).

Grateful for your input! It's a big deal to me :)


Hi Annie

This question does crop up from time to time. The Free Color Analysis Quiz has to be generic and suit very many different people so it's unable to be specific to an individual.

What it does is highlight certain aspects of your natural coloring. You obviously have a Cool undertone to your skin even though your coloring may be quite dark when looking at you initially.

The Deep color family has elements of both Cool and Warm but as your eyes have a grey cast it probably means that Cool is the most important for you.

Although I can't be sure of course it may be that you are Cool Deep which means that the deeper shades of the Cool color family will be your best as in the photograph above.

kind regards

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