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by Julie


1 I have a Warm tone and jet black hair with dark brown eyes and I think I am a Fall (Autumn). It's quite confusing when I read about it and I've been told that most colors are Dark. I am a light brown person so please help.

2 I have a heart shaped face so can you advise good hairstyles for this?

3 What is the latest trend for dresses - no sleeveless or open back.

4 And also stylish tops - no sleeveless or open back.


Hi Julie

Wow we have a lot of questions here! So let me direct you to some pages which I hope will be of help.

1. I can't give you a Color Analysis on here so I would advise that you check through the details about Autumn coloring again and see if you feel as though you fit in.

You may not even be a Season so first of all check out the Free Color Analysis and see which Tonal Color Family comes up. Then check them all out again.

I think you are asking me - As a Woman of Color do you have to be Deep? The answer is NO, it depends very much on your skin tone and how your color characteristics work together. It’s also how you feel, trust in your own instincts, what you like, what you know suits you etc. rather than listening to others. For individual professional advice you need my Personal Color Analysis. which will answer all your questions.

2. Yes, as your chin is the narrowest part of your face, it would be flattering to add width here with something like a chin length bob.

3. Don’t worry about the latest trend, just find the best shapes to flatter your Body Type and if you have one or two particular parts of your figure that cause bother, then solve them by learning how to Dress your OWN figure.

4. If you’re concerned about showing your arms, check out my page about how to disguise Upper Arm Fat with style.

I would suggest that you try to solve one of your queries at a time so that you feel confident before moving on.

I really hope this helps
Kind regards

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