Spring but thrown by Tonal Color Quiz

by Christine


I have always worn Spring colors well but am confused by the Tonal categories rather than Seasonal in the Color Quiz.


Hello Christine

If you fit into the Spring season and are happy with your colors then that's wonderful but not everyone does.

The Tonal color families are quite simple to explain - it's just when one color characteristic is stronger than the others - so it's easier to feature in the Color Quiz.

The Seasons are more complex and, as you see above, Spring is made up of 3 different color characteristics.

If you look at the differences and the similarities between Tonal and Seasonal Color Analysis you'll see that there is little difference between the methods and, done correctly, both will provide an extremely indepth and effective color analysis. It is the individual's natural coloring which determines which is the most suitable.

So if you're taking the Free Color Analysis Quiz you could be determined as a LIGHT, BRIGHT or WARM. depending how you describe yourself.

If you need more clarification or are worried about your own color direction please feel free to Contact Me again.

kind regards

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