Self color analysis

by Nikki Monte
(Orange County, California)


My characteristics are quite in the middle of the different spectrums that determine a person’s colors. I’m not quite light or deep, but rather medium, I find that I’m somewhere in-between muted and clear, and I seem to have both warm and cool undertones.

How do I tease out my perfect color family match? I would like to have this information for basic decisions like what color makeups, hair dye, as well as clothing, looks flattering on me.

I’ve added a few photos with my natural hair for reference.

Thank you so much!


Hi Nikki

Lovely photos but I'm sorry but I'm unable to give you a quick decision on color in this column.

Have you tried the FREE Color Analysis Quiz?

You sound as if you know quite a bit about Color so I would suggest that you go into the COLOR section on the top nav bag where you'll find lots of information that will help you to discover your Color Family.

If you really want to get a complete and professional analysis then you need Online Color Analysis where you will have all your questions answered.

kind regards

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