Lost my sense of Style

by Yash


I’m a 31 single mother with 3 amazing and beautiful teenage girls. I think I’m apple shaped but not sure because when I go back down to my regular weight I think I’m more of an hour glass shape. Although I dress in quite a unique way, whatever floats my boat on a particular day it might be urban, chic, classy, thuggish even, but I feel like I’ve lost my real sense of style and what really suits me.


Hi Yash

It was great to hear from you! Sorry I can only contact you by email as I'm in the UK.

You sound a happy lady and a great Mom – but like most busy Moms the children come first and it’s easy to forget who you used to be!

Whatever you choose to wear and whatever your sense of style, the most important thing is understanding your own body shape so that you can fit your clothes as well as possible to flatter your figure.

Even though I list 5 generic Body Types we are all individuals. So my advice is always first of all to identify the Body Type closest to your own.

If you need to fit specific parts of your figure, look under SHAPE at the top of the Homepage click into How to FIT your figure. and you can identify how a particular cut or shape will flatter your figure best.

As far as style is concerned, I would suggest that you search around for pictures that you like, even identify a celebrity or well known figure whose style you admire. Begn to pinpoint what it is that you find attractive, colors, shapes and designs etc. and assemble a sort of mood board. Pinterest is great for this. Take into account the styles that would fit your figure and be appropriate for your own lifestyle.

Color is a great place to start so check out the Free Color Analysis Quiz or for more individual advice Personal Color Analysis.

Keep your basics simple and within budget adding fashion and a bit of drama with accessories.

kind regards

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