How can I look older for my honeymoon?

by Lucy


I’m in my 30’s but people think I look years younger and I don't think I'm taken seriously sometimes.

I am an outdoors sort of person, enjoy camping and walking my dogs, and although I dress casually I do like to look reasonably smart. On an evening out I really like getting dressed up to look a bit more girly but elegant.

I’m getting married next year and my husband to be is older than me. We'll be away for a 2 week honeymoon and I’m wondering what clothes I should be thinking about and are there any makeup colors which would make me look older? I’ve got Bright coloring.


Hello Lucy

So many ladies would love your problem! But being serious, I think how you would really like to feel is a bit more sophisticated.

Take a little extra care with your overall grooming to give you the polish and sophistication that will make you feel more sure of yourself.

Attention to hair and eyebrows always pays dividends. Try a cut with just a little more shape and structure – a neat below the chin bob always looks smart – with enough length to tie it back for your holiday if you like. Eyebrows are often forgotten but they create a frame for your face. Treat yourself to a good eyebrow shape and you'll find that it lifts and defines your features - you’ll be able to follow the shape to keep them trim. At holiday time, have your eyelashes dyed so that you have definition even without makeup. All small tweaks but they’ll make a big difference to how you look and feel.

It doesn’t follow that you have to use Bright colors for makeup even though your coloring could support it. That could look heavy and old fashioned - far better to create a ‘crisp’ and fresh look with good definition in subtle and natural tones which will let you feel more like 'you'. You’re a casual type of girl, so you won’t be happy with anything too fussy. Work out a simple makeup routine that you can do in minutes but that makes you feel good about yourself. Book a trial makeup with a store consultant, they’re usually free of charge, tell her what you want and don’t settle for second best. If you don’t like it, try somewhere else. Get that definition but maintain the youthful and fresh look that makes you who you are.

If you look and feel good about yourself, clothes are merely the icing on the cake.

Keep your holiday clothes simple – you’ll keep your cool and simplicity is always elegant.

Choose a few colors that work together for your holiday wardrobe - you’ve got some brilliant colors to work with. Plan your travel clothes carefully, smart separates that look classy but comfortable. Then start with your beachwear - a swimsuit or bikini to flatter your figure and a flattering but simple cover up to match. A few casual tops and bottoms that co-ordinate and inter-mix and 2 or 3 pretty dresses for the evening. Plain colors can be dressed up with stunning accessories to ring the changes and will always look more sophisticated.

You might find the feature about Holiday Packing useful.

Then relax, hold your head up confidently and enjoy your wonderful new life – you’re the girl he chose just as you are!

Best regards

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