Hair Color for a Summer?

by Kris


I'm a cool maybe Summer. I have naturally medium brown/ashy/neutral hair. I'm wanting to dye my hair after being a golden blonde (yuk). I put on a beautiful raspberry brown and loved it but it has faded. I was thinking of going to a darker brown with some violet in it. Is that too dark for me? I have very light green/blue eyes and pale/pink skin that can get ruddy when I blush. Thanks! xo


Hi Kris

You're reactions to color are exactly as I would expect from a Summer (or Cool Light).

Golden blonde is not a good look for you because anything with yellow tones will react badly against your pink toned skin.

The raspberry brown would work well with your skin but could be a little heavy and invariably color does fade. Anything darker still is really not likely to work any better.

I would suggest that take a look at how skin tones and hair color work together.

My advice is to lose all your golden tones and have some ash blonde/light ash brown highlights put in depending on the tone of your hair at the moment. You will have to be quite firm with your hairdresser and explain that anything with warm or yellow tones doesn't work with your coloring.

Highlights will brighten you up, hide a multitude of sins and will blend in any leftover previous color. It will flatter your complexion even if you blush!

kind regards

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