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I had my colors "done" in the 80s and was told that I was a spring/autumn - warm colors. I had medium brown hair and I have worn these colors all my life and want to know that since I now have gray hair (age 75) if these colors still look good on me.

My hair stylist tells me that my gray is in the "cool" family. Is all gray hair a cool color or are there some grays that are warm?


Hi there - sorry I don't have your name.

The main answer is that yes there are grays that are warm! And if your coloring is warm then your gray hair is likely to still have warm undertones to some degree.

It's lovely that you have enjoyed wearing your warm colors throughout the years and if you still feel good in them please do continue to enjoy them. Many people think that they HAVE to change their color palette this is not so.

However, if you're feeling that the colors are overwhelming you then perhaps you need to adjust slightly.

I will say that there is quite a difference between Spring and Autumn but it sounds as though you have managed to bridge the gap with some mellow warm tones.

I suggest you take a look at Real Women Going Grey where you'll see several ladies that have transitioned successfully with warm coloring. Also before and after Color Analysis where you will see Mary whose coloring is even brighter now her hair is silver!

I hope that helps but if you are considering an update on Color Analysis you're welcome to contact me again.

kind regards

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