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I was draped as an Autumn in the late 80s. I just went through a different color analysis - before I found your website - and was labeled a Bright, Cool, Light.

I am so confused and even a little sad (feeling that I have been wearing the wrong colors). I want to sign up for your analysis, but fear that I'll experience paralysis by analysis (nearly there now). Thanks!


Oh dear I've heard this said so many times before and, yes, it is sad because you've recently paid and put your trust in your consultant.

I have to ask if you were you happy wearing Autumn colors all those years and just wanted an update after so long which is understandable or were you doubting the palette as a whole.

The confidence of youth allows us to enjoy color often without question and it's often not until your natural coloring subtly changes that we begin to question the direction you're following.

It is quite disconcerting to be given a totally different color direction as natural coloring does not change to that degree. My guess is that one of the analysis' was incorrect.

Before you consider another analysis I would suggest that you return to the recent consultant and ask for an explanation as to why she determined you as Bright, Cool and Light. She should be able to explain the connection your coloring has with the color palette she has decreed otherwise it's not possible for you to implement it.

Take a look at Before and After Color Analysis and read what my clients say. You should feel some connection to your Color Family and hopefully it should give you pleasure!

I hope you get some satisfaction,

kind regards

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