Boots UK colour match service

by Verna

Hi Pamela

Do you have experience with the Boots UK colour matching foundation service? I did it 3 times now and have been matched to cool Ivory and cool Beige. And shock horror: the cool Beige mixes flawless into my skin.

They also give you a lipstick card and it has cool and warm names for the lip colours and blushes. I'm so confused about this as I alway bought warm colours. Did you or your clients ever tried this device. It is made with Pantene colour technique.
Kind regards

Hi Verna

Yes actually I tried it last Summer following my holiday.

I've always liked no. 7 foundation and used Cool Ivory but on holiday I'd used a little fake tan also on my face and my usual color was looking too pale.

They couldn't offer me a slightly deeper tone and, perhaps because I was looking a bit 'yellow' I was classified as Warm beige. Now I usually run a mile from anything that sort of shade but I'm only human too and thought it was worth trying. Well it didn't work, but I use it occasionally around the house with some blusher because I don't like waste!!!

I'm currently using Look Fabulous Forever and it seems to work for every skin tone which is amazing. And, if you buy the wrong foundation they're happy to change it.

We can over worry about things like this, if it looks good on your skin then don't worry about the name on the bottle, it may not be as distinctly yellow or pink as in the picture above.

I would, however, suggest that you ask the assistant to apply the foundation properly on your face. A little on the jawline could be totally different to an 'all-over' look as I very well know!

Be wary about anything that they suggest to match - there is a vast difference between warm and cool when you're talking lipsticks.

kind regards

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