Want to Look Fabulous Forever?

Well now you can!
With makeup specially formulated for older skin

  • Are you still achieving a mirror-finish you're happy with?
  • Is your skin like 'blotting paper' and your makeup disappears?

Older skin can be bumpy, uneven in tone, you might have age spots or blemishes - need I go on?

But I've been trying Look Fabulous Forever a makeup range that's specially designed and formulated for older skin.

Look Fabulous Forever...

offer a range of cruelty free makeup specifically formulated for older faces, eyes and lips.

Their philosophy is that age is no barrier to looking fabulous, and they celebrate the beauty, individuality and joie de vivre of older women. Women who care less about looking years younger and more about being their best and most confident selves.

Look Fabulous Forever makeup for mature beauty #lookfabulousforever https://www.style-yourself-confident.com/look-fabulous-forever.html

Excellent coverage for uneven skin tone and blemishes...

The face products - primer foundation and concealer - are all designed to work together. Super coverage without feeling heavy and cakey, they leave the skin feeling like velvet!

Look Fabulous Forever makeup for mature beauty #lookfabulousforever https://www.style-yourself-confident.com/look-fabulous-forever.html

Like working on a good canvas...

Surprisingly this foundation isn't designed to suit Warm or Cool skin tones but has an overall 'intensity' - 5 shades that adapt to the individual skin's natural undertone. 

Once you've applied your base you're ready to enhance and define your eyes with a choice of naturally pretty eye makeup - there's a guide to help you choose the best colors to flatter your skin tone.

Finally bring your face to life with a moisturizing and long-lasting lipstick (13 shades to choose from) which hydrate and nourish so that you lips appear more luscious and full.

Designed for YOU by a woman like YOU!

At the age of 65 Tricia Cusden developed a makeup range to 'celebrate the beauty in older faces'. She addressed head-on the problems we all face and offers the perfect makeup solution for mature skin.

Tricia shares her own skin problems on the website videos as she demonstrates how to apply the gently formulated products.

Take a look at the fabulous makeovers and tutorials on women of all ages.

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