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Want to Look Fabulous Forever?

Well you can... with makeup specially formulated for older skin

Of course we want to look fabulous forever but...

  • Are you still achieving a mirror-finish you're happy with?
  • Is the woman in the mirror really the one you're hoping to see?
  • Does your skin act like 'blotting paper' and your makeup disappear like mine?

As we get older the close ups can be daunting and makeup becomes very important but somehow it doesn't work quite the same as it used to. Of course it's not essential to wear makeup but if you're reading this then you obviously want to look your best just as I do.

Amazing coverage for uneven skin tone, blemishes...

Older skin can be bumpy, uneven in tone, you might have age spots or blemishes - need I go on? But I've been trying Look Fabulous Forever a makeup range that's specially designed and formulated for older skin.

A light and easy to use Primer and Foundation base gives super coverage without feeling heavy and cakey - and leaves the skin feeling like velvet!  These 'magic makeovers' speak for themselves.

Like working on a good canvas...

the foundation provides the perfect base for the pretty lip and eye colors to stay put all day long.

Surprisingly this foundation isn't designed to suit Warm or Cool but an overall 'intensity' that is Light 01, Medium 02 or Deep 03, and adapts to the individual skin's natural undertone.  

Designed for YOU by a woman like YOU!

At the age of 65 Tricia Cusden developed a makeup range to 'celebrate the beauty in older faces'. She addressed head-on the problems we all face and offers the perfect makeup solution for mature skin. Want to Look Fabulous Forever and regain your confidence well now you can...

Tricia shares her own skin problems with us as she applies her gently formulated products. 

Primer, foundation and concealer are designed to work together giving excellent coverage and staying power without looking or feeling heavy. I think you'll agree the results speak for themselves.

Take a look at the fabulous makeovers and tutorials on women of all ages on Look Fabulous Forever.

A crisp look is a youthful look...

Two other problems we face with makeup as we get older is that eye color creases and runs or lipstick tends to 'bleed' into the inevitable lines around the upper lip.

Needless to say it's ageing - a crisp makeup gives a much more youthful look - so Tricia has added eye and lip prime to the range to provide the adherence that's needed.

I don't use a lot of eye makeup but I do like my eye liner pencil - it's just increasingly difficult to get a smooth line these days. With eye prime I can achieve it so I'm now practising with the Fabulous Brow Shape to give a natural look to my non-existent eyebrows. 

This range is a revelation - the first makeup that is 'Pro Age' - and is only available online.  It's what we've been waiting for!

Look Fabulous Forever - with tutorials and online makeovers

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