Body Type Quiz - Question 2

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2  You have Straight Hips - now we're going to look at the relationship of your Hips with your Shoulders

Do you have firm shoulders and a 'reasonably' straight midriff?

Yes - go to section A

No - go to section B

Section A - Are your firm shoulders...

...wider than your Hips?

...about the same width as your Hips?

If your hips are narrower than your shoulders then you are an INVERTED TRIANGLE sometimes called Top Heavy.

Click into the image above to take you to Inverted Triangle shape. 

If your hips and shoulders are more or less equal you have a RECTANGULAR body - sometimes called Straight. 

Click onto the image above to take you to Rectangular Shape Body.

Section B - Do you have a softer upper body with more rounded shoulders and a full bust?

Although you have a Straight Hip (or High Hip) you have a softer upper body altogether - probably with a full bust. 

Your additional weight is carried around your midriff area - you might even have a protruding TUMMY?

But you will very likely have enviable slim thighs and good legs.

You have Straight lines and Curves - the best of both worlds.

You're an APPLE body shape.

Click on the image to discover how to flatter your Apple body. 

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