Autumn? but would like confirmation

by Nancy
(Sun City, AZ)

I'm 84 YO and still love fashion and looking great! When I was younger my natural hair color was a brown with a little gold or red but I've been a blond for most of my adult life - shades varied with my mood. My hair, what I have left, now is mainly silver but due to my thin hair and fight against being seen as a "little old lady" I wear blonde wigs - Paula Young color Golden Wheat (honey blonde, pale golden blonde highlights). I'm considering going to a light blonde or maybe a platinum (ash with beige highlights). I'm socially active and not so much physically but I need to change that. I have blue eyes and I think my skin color is warm - veins in wrist appear to be more of a blue-green than either blue or green so maybe I'm neutral.

My style of clothes is more on the classic side even when it extends to pants and jeans. I'm more comfortable in mid to high heeled shoes. I wear black, navy, tan, lemon yellow, darker yellow, beige, red, red-orange, green (from Kelly to olive), darker rose, rust, white but I think cream probably looks better on me. I seldom wear pastels. I have trouble finding a grey that is really flattering.

Hello Nancy

Thank you for your contact and I'm so pleased that you keep so active and well. There's no doubt that taking care of the way you look has a great influence on the way you feel.

Choosing to wear a wig, obviously comfortable for you, not only gives you a younger look and feel but of course it makes life so much easier. Styling hair can be exhausting at any stage of life. So a great idea.

You ask specifically about your color direction so you can confirm clothes choice and perhaps the color of a new wig, but this is something I really can't do just from your description or even just from photos. It's quite a detailed process to be sure I'm correct.

I do, however, offer a personal
Online Color Analysis if that idea appeals to you. You might like to check out lots of Testimonials from satisfied clients.

Please Contact Me if you would like to pose any questions about this process.

Take care

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