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Your Style #135 Mid May Mag 2023

Hi there

Mid May already! Although everything is lush and green here there has been little warmth so next week we're off to find the sun!     

Heading for a beach holiday, a flattering swimsuit is my no. 1 priority in an attempt to flatter my ageing body! So if you feel vulnerable baring 'nearly all' I've got lots of great tips to boost your confidence.

There will, inevitably, be a delay on things while I'm away but if you're submitting Color Analysis forms or requesting a color swatch, I will acknowledge every one and give you a completion or despatch date.   

I wanted to assemble some photos from the Coronation for you but sadly have come up against copyright issues. So all I can offer is a really good link which shows our favorite Royals and distinguished guests in all their finery!  

Have a great weekend wherever you are! Pamela X

Your style 135 #coloranalysis #colorandstyle #swimwearformaturewomen https://www.style-yourself-confident.com/your-style-135.html

Flattering Swimwear

Whether it's a vacation, staycation or the local splash pool, flattering swimwear is a MUST when you're older!

Swimwear is always top of my list when packing for holiday/vacation. Not that I'm a swim junkie (completely the opposite) but, like most of us, I am at my most vulnerable when I'm baring or nearly baring all. 

I don't want to cover up so my swimwear has to make me feel good!

Your style 135 #coloranalysis #colorandstyle #swimwearformaturewomen https://www.style-yourself-confident.com/your-style-135.html

The Beauty Spotlight Team 

Need a little relief for sore muscles after exercise? Lola's Secret Beauty Blog has found the Bob and Brad Q2 Mini Massage Gun to be particularly effective. Invented by physical therapists, it's one fantastic tool!

Angie from Your True Self blog has come up with over 50 ways to enjoy wearing a tulle skirt anytime and anyplace! Fulfil two of the recommended skirt styles for this Summer, it's 'airy' and a 'statement maxi'. Angie hopes you'll be inspired to enjoy maximum wear from this beautiful piece.
Beauty Spotlight Team 135
Need help to relax and fall asleep? Allison from Never Say Die Beauty received the gift of a Guru Nanda Aromatherapy Starter Kit and thoroughly recommends it.

Hilda at Over the Hilda loves the fact that many of the new foundations come with skincare ingredients that elevate them to a totally new level! Lancome Teint Idole Ultrawear Foundation is one of her current favorites.

Online Color Analysis and the WARM Color Family

As an adult education teacher, Katt is lucky to have few dress rules to adhere to and describes her style as 'casual, sometimes glam and funky'.

Although she's very drawn to strong color she sometimes finds them 'too bold or too bright! She wants some neutrals to tie everything together but lacks the confidence to choose.

In other words she's lacking color direction to use as a guide. 

Through the process Katt's sparkly warmth shone out and she now has a whole spectrum of beautiful warm but mellow brights, and a range of richly toned neutrals. 

Your style 135 #coloranalysis #colorandstyle #swimwearformaturewomen https://www.style-yourself-confident.com/your-style-135.html

Katt says: "I'm stunned, even though I felt that I wasn't a Summer, it's still a surprise that I'm Warm. I thought maybe a Spring because I absolutely love purple and wear a lot of blue, but I never felt like I fit into any of the Seasons. I wear a lot of bright colors but probably shouldn't so I thought maybe winter, but now it makes sense that I'm a WARM.  

Thanks again so much, I'm looking forward to going through my closet and seeing what I have in the WARM pallette to bring out the best colors in me and for me." Katt, USA 

The Coronation Regalia

I wanted to bring you a fashion run-down of the Coronation guests but, sadly, the copyright of press photos is far too rigorous and expensive for me to produce!

But I can give you a brilliant link to access a succinct overview of the day with the best press photographs. Click into image right.

Sweet little Princess Charlotte, with her younger brother, carried herself at the age of 8 with the dignity and elegance surely learned from her mother the Princess of Wales. 

Your style 135 #coloranalysis #colorandstyle #swimwearformaturewomen https://www.style-yourself-confident.com/your-style-135.html

with love Pamela x

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