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Your Style #122 - October 2022

Hi there! 

I honestly had to do a double take to get the date right on here. It's October???

When the children were young I always thought of September as a new beginning; kids back to school, winter warming dinners back on the menu, in fact getting ready to hunker down for Winter. Well it's October already, it's getting cold and I'm well and truly hunkering! Following a hair cut yesterday my stylist commented that I'd only fit one more trim in before my December vacation - what?

Over the next couple of months there are some very special family times lined up for many of you before the festive season hits us with a vengeance so lots to enjoy.

I'm sorry I'm saying this long in advance, but the Color Analysis service will only be open until the end of November as I shall be away and then Mr Style deserves some of my attention over the holidays. So please get your submissions in early and consider any C-------- gifts well in advance - there I didn't even say it! Bye for now.

Your Style 122 sq

What's your Print Personality?

Do you know your PRINT PERSONALITY? 

There's always a time and place to wear plain colors but a PRINT, now that's a different kettle of fish!  

Whatever happens to be in fashion, you are likely to have an innate preference for a particular look. As you pass the racks of new season's clothes, are you drawn towards a FLORAL print or are you a SPOTS and STRIPES person. 

Print Personality

6 steps to Autumn

If these are the colors for you, I show you how to take it easy!

6 steps to wearing Autumn colors - because we know how difficult it is to imagine a wardrobe from a color swatch. 

Once your color direction is confirmed, I'm positive that many of you will feel instinctively drawn to this rich burnished palette and feel instantly at home.

 6 steps to Autumn

Skin post menopause

Following the menopause, your skin needs and deserves special care, more especially as the colder weather draws near.  

We all want to look young and healthy for as long as possible but hormonal upsets can cause changes in the skin even after menopause.  So please think ahead because self care is so important as we approach this crucial time of our lives.     

Skin menopause and beyond 400

Summer tops into Fall

A nip in the air? Take your Summer tops into Fall / Autumn and far beyond with a bit of clever layering and there's no immediate need to worry about any major changes to your wardrobe. 

Versatile items of clothing and separates that can be used throughout the year always earn my seal of approval.

Color Analysis for Men - Mr Winter

Few men will be aware that Color Analysis can be very useful to them and talking about the Seasons may not seem very manly! But, in fact, once a man understands his color direction it's very easy for him to always look his best. At the same time, he will save TIME and MONEY!

My current Mr Winter comes from London in the UK, and he has already recovered the money of the color service by selling some of his clothes that don't work!! 

"I was very pleased to put my photos through Pamela's colour service. I'd been reading more about men's clothes during lockdown but received conflicting advice thinking I was Autumn. Theory was no substitute for actually testing the colours and Pamela's process was really well explained. Her suggestion of a Winter palette and advice about suitable colors for shirts, ties and jackets resonated with what family and friends had complimented me on in the past. 

I've already made back the cost of the service by selling some clothes outside my palette and will doubtless save much more money in the future through better choices. Would 100% recommend." London UK

See more Color Analysis testimonials. 

B and A ML2
B and A ML

with love Pamela x

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Allow 'Your Style' to visit you!

The latest features on Color Analysis, Body Shape and Style to your Inbox, twice monthly.

Plus a Free copy of my book 'Shortcut to Style', it works for you, whatever your age shape or size! 

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