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Your Style #116
May 2022

Hi there!

I'm writing this at the beginning of May and its freezing cold. Thinking of my childhood when we walked around the village for May Day carrying flowers and singing.  It was never cold in those days - so what's happened to global warming? 

So we've come to find some sun and I probably have sand between my toes right now and a glass of something fizzy in my hand!  Yes it's holiday time and, although I'm not a minimalist packer, I do use the Holiday Capsule below as the base for my packing even on a longer vacation.

All new Color Analysis submissions are acknowledged and will be processed on my return. See you with the next magazine in June. Enjoy! 

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Your Holiday Capsule in 2 colorways!

Creating a holiday capsule wardrobe is the most useful and practical way to plan for vacation. Take the angst out of your packing and use my plan for a travel-light getaway or as a base for a longer stay!

There are TWO COLORWAYS to take the angst out of your packing so whatever your coloring there's one just right for YOU! 

Your Style 116 May 2022 #colorandstyle #coloranalysis #stylemagazine https://www.style-yourself-confident.com/your-style-116.html

Spring's Magic Color

You don't have to have Spring coloring to look gorgeous in a light peachy tone or even blush pink! But certainly a light warm complexion comes to life in these fabulous shades. 

There's plenty of pink around for this Summer - it's so versatile and works well with many other colors. 

So fix yourself up with a splash of femininity! 

Your Style 116 May 2022 #colorandstyle #coloranalysis #stylemagazine https://www.style-yourself-confident.com/your-style-116.html

10 steps to look polished!

Now that we're back out in the world again it's time to step up the grooming routine. These are the 10 steps you consider that make a woman feel and look polished! 

Most of us have cut corners while we've been at home and normal routines have been abandoned as we've tried to take care of ourselves through 2 years of trauma!

After all who cares whether you've shaved your legs when you're on Zoom!

Your Style 116 May 2022 #colorandstyle #coloranalysis #stylemagazine https://www.style-yourself-confident.com/your-style-116.html

Your Color Analysis pics - the Winter season 

Amy said: "I love plums and purples, bottle green and emerald green, but I am puzzled by my love of light lime, acid yellow and iodine pink?" 

Amy had been already been 'diagnosed' as both a Summer (too dull) and a Bright Winter (too garish) and found herself with a dilemma.

And yet, the colors she was drawn towards were the epitome of the True Winter color palette with strong bold cool tones teamed with the icy lights of pink, lime and yellow. Not bright, not primary, just strong and quite dramatic. You can see in the right hand pic below how the lights and deeps work so well together even with a neutral background.     

The Winter season is not just 'bright', not just 'cool' and not just 'deep' - it takes all 3 elements to actually make up the Winter palette. Anyone determined as just part of a Season can find it very frustrating when the palette is split as inevitably the color range is also diluted. 

I explain all the problems with splitting a season at 12 Seasons Color Analysis

And see what Amy has to say following her Color Analysis in Before and After Color Analysis. 

Your Style 116 May 2022 #colorandstyle #coloranalysis #stylemagazine https://www.style-yourself-confident.com/your-style-116.html

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