Your Style 089 - March 2020

Hi there!

In spite of devastation from storms and floods in parts of the UK, and dreadful happenings all over the world, in my little corner March has been heralded with sunshine! 

It's a turning point in the year and a happy family month for me: birthdays, Mother's Day, the beginning of Spring.

There's green for St Patrick's Day, and I tell you how I found a discreet little tool to solve a problem that we rarely talk about - a facial hair remover!   

If you've never quite worked out your color family, no worries, you can fast track your way to color - just identify Warm or Cool.

Warm or Cool - fast track...

Are you confident when you're looking for colors to suit you? 

Identifying whether you have a WARM or COOL undertone will give you a FAST TRACK to COLOR!

Make a point of finding out which you are because wearing makeup and clothes that flatter your skin tone will make you look healthier and more attractive.

Color and Style newsletter 089 #coloranalysis #colorandstyle

Wear pearls casually

Still only wearing your pearls with a little black dress?

Classic pearls have always been associated with 'dressing up'. But 'going out' has become increasingly casual and we're starting to wear pearls casually too. Theyre fashionable again and even fun - especially for Mother's Day!

Color and Style newsletter 089 #coloranalysis #colorandstyle

Facial hair remover, the best!

What happens to your eyebrows when you get older? I'm convinced they fall out and take root on your chin!

Facial hair is something women rarely talk about and yet for many women it can be quite a severe problem.

For the majority of us, however, it's wispy hairs that spring up overnight and facial down. But I've found the best little tool... read more...

Balance your Vertical Body

When you understand the proportions of your figure, you can visually balance your vertical body shape to flatter your figure. 

When body proportions work together you'll see that even a slight adjustment to the length of your tops or hemline will make a big difference to the overall effect.

Color and Style newsletter 089 #coloranalysis #colorandstyle

Shades of Green

So many shades of green - do you know how to choose the best one for you?

Forget the neon brights on the fashion runways and, of course, we're not all Irish, but there are so many fabulous shades of green in the stores and there's one that's just right for YOU!

Color and Style newsletter 089 #coloranalysis #colorandstyle

Why am I not a Season?

I know I am light, but so confused because I have both warm and cool elements! I have yellowish fair skin but warm lipsticks and blushes look horrible on me. My natural lip is mauvey! I would dearly love to sort it out and figure out once and for all what are my neutrals! Why am I not a season? Linda, USA

Color and Style newsletter 089 #coloranalysis #colorandstyle

Hi Linda - Each Season has 3 characteristics but Warm or Cool is a given - 2 Warm Seasons 2 Cool Seasons. But it doesn't work for everyone, it's unrealistic to expect that we should fit into just one of 4 boxes!

However, with both Warm and Cool elements, it sounds as though undertone is not your primary characteristic. You need both Tonal and Seasonal Color Analysis to determine your color direction accurately. Both methods work the same way, and are inter-linked.

If you're looking for a color professional find one who offers both methods, or pop over to Color Analysis here.

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Color and Style newsletter 089 #coloranalysis #colorandstyle
Color and Style newsletter 089 #coloranalysis #colorandstyle

Your Color Analysis...  - unusual color combinations...

When I talk about Color Families (look under COLOR in top Nav Bar) I list the most usual color characteristics. Aiming not to confuse, descriptions have to be generic. But of course we are all very different and how any individual reacts to a color palette can throw up a more unusual combination of characteristics.

You are used to seeing Winter coloring with dark hair but Nancy is naturally platinum blonde! And yet, with fabulous jewel-like eyes and high clarity, she responds to the Winter palette. The platinum hair has such 'intensity' that it becomes the 'deep' part of Winter and responds to the Winter colors in just the same way as dark hair that has transitioned into bright silver.

A lady with Spring coloring invariably has golden or strawberry blonde hair and yet Holly's hair is chestnut. As a golden blonde child the warmth had certainly remained but her fair skin and bright eyes completely over-ride the depth of hair color. She lights up with the Spring palette.

Read what Nancy and Holly have to say HERE and if you're ready to unravel your coloring conundrum (wherever you are in the world) pop over to THIS PAGE.

Before and After Color Analysis #coloranalysis #beforeandaftercoloranalysis
Before and After Color Analysis #coloranalysis #beforeandaftercoloranalysis

Enjoy the beginning of Spring

with love Pamela x

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